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Jan 17, 2013 09:14 PM

In CA: R.I.P. "Two Buck Chuck", hello $2.49!

The best part of my Tuesday was closing the store and knowing that the next day the once marginally decent 5-6 yrs ago, now really bad Charles Shaw will cost more. $2.49 is a lot closer to the $2.99 Vinas Chilenas which is sooooo much better for the price point. I'm hoping the price increase might make some people stop and perhaps, dare I say it, think a little more about their wine purchases.....Nah ; )

One customer heard of the price increase and still called it "a bargain".
Bleck! Yes, I realize that many people came into better wine through this channel, but they also continue to believe its the same wine it was 10 years ago. It hasn't won any awards since around 2007 and now it really is "box wine in a bottle". If I can get one or two people to move up and away each day I'm at work, I'm fulfilling my personal mission.
Yes, I agree that folks should drink what they like, but a Geek has limits.

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  1. in the Midwest it is now 3 buck chuck. I dunno, it's still better than a lot of stuff out there. esp. since I'm living in a rural area where most stores only sell sweet stuff (is this high school?) it's easier to stock up on something like that for last minute guests when I'm in town.

    1. Umm what's wrong with a box wine like Bota Box Old Vines Zinfandel?

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      1. re: kagemusha49

        Bota Box is in a totally different league than Franzia, who is one of the brothers originally responsible for CS.

        hillfood: Sorry to hear about not having better options.
        When I visited my relatives in TX a few years back, I found many folks down that way like the sweet stuff too.
        Next time you're in your local TJ's, ask the Staff in Hawaiian Shirts if they have anyone there with a bit of wine knowledge.
        If so, perhaps they can turn you on to a few new things at a reasonable price point.

        1. re: BigWoodenSpoon

          will do (and probably in a few days) their staff are usually so chipper!

          so Vinas Chilenas (I've liked Chilean wine, so far... OK after 20+ years I should be more confident) and Bota box (no prob. with box-o here) are also found there? the TJ's easiest these days is so claustrophobic and usually a madhouse I just go in to grab what I know is there and where and scoot right out.

        1. re: zin1953

          I am not.

          OTOH, anyone, who loved $2 Chuck should love buying Almaden by the gallon, or perhaps "cooking wine?"

          If US $ 0.49 per bottle is a "deal breaker," then maybe they need to just skip wine (for what it is), and move on?