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Jan 17, 2013 08:46 PM

weekday lunch near ACC

I have already searched related threads. Is there a place near ACC where I can get lunch entree under $20? I can think of what used to be Movenpick Marche - is it still same where you get a card and pick your own dishes?
Was thinking of Biff's or Jump but it's slightly over the budget I have in mind for our party.
Anywhere near ACC, BCE or First Cdn Place in financial district will be appreciated.
Was thinking maybe Joe Badali's.

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  1. Mercatto on Bay or Terroni on Adelaide east

    1. The Irish Embassy is suprisingly decent and meets your requrements price wise - it's always packed so you'll need a reservation. It is definitely a better option than Marche. Obika Mozzarella Bar in Brookfield Place (across from Marche) also does decent pizzas if you want that. There are now more options right by the ACC like e11even and Real Sports but I don't think they are as good. Agree on the Mercatto or Terroni suggestions as well although they are a bit further. There is also Gabardine (again, always packed and no reservations).

      1. I like Real Sports. Pretty decent food.

        1. To answer your Marche question, yeah, it is the same setup where you have a card and swipe upon receiving something then pay on exit. I don't like that place. First they charge a mandatory tip of like 15% or something (I don't agree with the idea of a mandatory tip especially for a place like this) plus the food often looks better than it tastes... Well, sometimes it doesn't even look good!