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Jan 17, 2013 08:30 PM

foodies stuck with golf trip buddies...

So my friends are great, but half of them would be happy eating bar food every night. The other half appreciates great food, but is conflict averse. so it's hard to demand that we get out for what makes New Orleans great. where can i take my chums for terrific chow without them realizing i took them to a great place?

The point is disguising the whole event. They don't mind spending money, and everyone likes a great dining experience. They just can't admit it, so it needs to be on the down low.

I know this is an odd post. But who goes to new orleans for a golf trip? It was part of my plan for chow to steer them to the crescent rather than real golf venues (where i would definitely be stuck with bar food every night).

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  1. Here's your/their problem. The golf courses are mostly way out. You could suggest the one at Audubon Park, and that would give you an in to suggest any Riverbend,Magazine St., or St. Charles Ave. restaurants. Otherwise, who knows what's in the English Turn, etc.

    1. Are you playing TPC in Avondale? If so, Moscas is just a few miles slightly west on US 90. It's creole Italian with a roadhouse kinda vibe. Search this board for plenty of info on it.

      A trip to English Turn might be paired with Sals Seafood on the West Bank for boiled crawfish, or Vietnamese food.

      Or if you are driving all the way to La Tour, a stop at Spahrs for fried catfish is right in your path.

      1. What an interesting challenge. More info would help.Are you staying in one location or moving your lodging from course to ourese? If on location, where will you be staying? Depending on that, you may indeed be able to let them think they're eating bar food while you are able to indulge your inner foodie. A little more info would help. BTW, plus one on Hungry Celeste's suggestion for crawfish at Sal's after a day at English Turn. They're just now in season, eating local crawfish should satisfy the casual side of your foodie nature since you'll be eating something local and, yes, crawfish make New Orleans great. And any place serving crawfish will likely serve things that your friends will like as well. So, give us more geography, this is a fun one.

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          Thanks for the prelim thoughts. We're staying at the Intercontinental in CBD. Just golfing a morning at TPC and another morning at some horrible muni. Not looking for chow near courses. Anything/anywhere in the city works. Mosca's is on my list for something farther afield. We're there for jazz fest too. I mention the golf trip aspect so you get an idea of the type of guys I'm consorting with.

          1. re: Milwhawkeye

            How's about Mr. John's Steakhouse? Not cheap and not regional cuisine but really a fine destination for a group of guys. (In fact, every time my GF leaves town on business I go to Mr. J.'s to assert my manliness with a cut of steak that's the weight of my head.) One step frillier -- maybe -- would be the likes of Luke, a Mano, and Cochon. All are pretty straightforward and vaguely masculine and serve excellent food. All four places mentioned have bars.

            1. re: montuori

              Mr. John's does try to sneak in some New Orleans food through their specials, so ask about them!