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Jan 17, 2013 07:53 PM

STL - downtown (pre Blues game)

I'm surprising my husband with Blues tickets for Saturday night's season opener. The pregame stuff starts as early as 5:30. I'd like to find a fun place for dinner before the game. We like casual food more than fancy and a great beer selection is probably as important as the food. We are staying downtown and will have a car although I'd prefer to be able to walk or use Metro Link.


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  1. You might try some downtown searches. Some quick suggestions:

    Bailey's Range -- wide range of gourmet-ish burgers, fries, large beer selection -- is in close walking distance (Olive and Ninth)

    Pi Pizza -- newest part of StL chain of higher end pizza with very decent beer selection -- longer walk (Washington and Sixth)

    The Bridge -- nicer but fun place with large beer selection and owned by Bailey's Range people -- also close (Locust and Tenth)

    Sen Thai Bistro -- fair and nicer Thai place with small beer selection -- fairly close (Locust and 13th)

    There are also old standbys like Joe Bucks (BBQ) at Clark and Tenth, Broadway Oyster and Mike Shannon's (steak).