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Jan 17, 2013 06:54 PM

Best tasting menu in Toronto

Haven't seen any proper discussion about this yet recently, and I feel the restaurant scene in Toronto has seen alot of new entrants in the past year or two.

Was actually looking for a restaurant for Valentine's day, so anything romantic would be a bonus.

My current list of options include:
The Grove
Ici Bistro
Yours Truly
Keriwa (?)

Out of my list have been to George but was not blown away.

Hoping for some help picking from my list or coming up with some other options (hopefully soon before reservations fill up!!)

Price/location not really a factor, just looking for the best experience/food!

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  1. Although not 'new' but I would definitely add Splendido and Auberge to your list! If you are looking for the 'best experience'!!

    1. I've only had the tasting menus at George, Yours Truly, Keriwa, and Splendido.

      George is actually one of my favourites. The tasting menus are well balanced and not overly heavy. You could argue that some of the dishes are a little busy with perhaps too many ingredients.

      Yours Truly is more playful and fun, but the atmosphere is more casual so it is not as good for a "special" dinner.

      Keriwa was fine, with some dishes being fabulous.

      Many of the dishes at Splendido were impressive, but the overall balance wasn't there, with too many dishes being very rich.

      So I'd go to George for reliability and nice atmosphere and Yours Truly for casual fun.

      1. Avoid Keriwa, add Splendido, Auberge and Colborne lane, and pick between those, Edulis and Ici. YT has a good menu, but the others are more romantic, if you're looking for the 'bonus'. Colborne lane can be romantic because the food is fairly interesting, so it's an experience to be shared. Splendido has the best food in TO, Edulis is a fairly romantic small venue, Ici is a bit louder but has good-great food, Auberge is more of a classy type of place with upscale decor, and has been getting rave reviews of late.

        Shoto is a bit noisy, and you're seated in a C with other patrons - I've not had the tasting menu yet, but it may not be what you're looking for.