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Jan 17, 2013 05:58 PM

good kippers, and other smoked fishy things

A thread on a travel board reminded me that someone asked me where to find good kippers; I haven't spotted any in a while. I don't mean tinned ones. Preferably ready-to-eat, though I've also bought very good frozen Scottish kippers in Ottawa (at a Loblaws, but not seen them here).

Other smoked fishy things can go in this thread too, though I'm sure the subject of smoked salmon is adequately dealt with in other threads.

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  1. Eurodel in Lasalle has a pretty good selection of both smoked and cured fish. I usually buy their ready-to-eat smoked halibut, VERY tasty.
    Kippers, I'm not sure (they do carry little fellas, but I don't know what they are), maybe you can give them a call
    (not much of a website, but you'll get basic coordinates).
    They seem to be Russian.

    I assume east european shops will have similar choices as well. Perhaps Bucarest off of Decarie expressway (west side near Snowdon) or others. For other east european suggestions, maybe here

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      Thanks Porker! Of course Lassalle is completely across town for me, but I enjoy exploration (just for the halibut, as the groaner pun goes). Snowdon stuff much closer, as it is the last stop on the blue line of the métro, which has stations close to my place.

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        Eurodel is pretty good. Vlad loves his fish there so he's got a good selection. Here's the website

      2. For smoked fishy things, I have been meaning to try Le Boucanier, on Marquette just below Mt-Royal, for a while. I can't find a website, just a FB page. Note that they are on vacation until Jan. 29

        1. Not in the city but out in the townships. I haven't had the chance to check it out but seem to have fans from this thread.

          Keet-Baird Smoked Fish
          260 Bissell Rd (Fitch Bay
          )Stanstead QC, J0B 3E0


          1. If Snowdon area is convenient for you, Snowdon Deli on Decarie (corner Isabella) has smoked whitefish and carp usually on sale at the counter. They aren't pre-packaged so I assume they're house smoked (or nearly). They also have smoked salmon of course, but the best for that IMO is Victoria Fish on Victoria south of Van Horne.

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              Thanks. Snowdon area is very convenient me if it is near the blue line; I just have to get on the métro at Castelnau or Jean-Talon. I've already made the trip to Victoria Fish for the smoked salmon; very good.

              But of course when one asks these questions, it is to benefit all, wherever they live within the board area.