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Jan 17, 2013 05:38 PM

Epernay and Reims suggestions?

Hi, there,

My husband and I will be traveling through the Champagne region in a couple of weeks, and I was hoping to get some recommendations. We'll be driving from Beaune up to Epernay on a Sunday and staying there overnight. I haven't found any recommendations on the board for restaurants within the town. (Most posts are about visiting wineries.) Worried, since it's a small town on a Sunday night in January. And we'd prefer not to drive.

Monday, we're eating at Assiette Champenoise thanks to ChefJune's hearty recommendation.

Tuesday, we'll be staying in Reims, and it would be nice, again, not to drive. One poster enjoyed Le Bocal, another L'Évêché in Reims. I guess we'll toss a coin between the two.

I don't have many criteria other than the prefer-not-to-drive, sorry. My husband was a chef, so we're adventurous eaters. Price is not a huge issue, though we're choosing not to try the other 2* (Le Parc) in the area.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. Epernay without driving - Table Kobus, family owned and run a popular place with the champagne producers. Good cooking and is my favorite, they are open sunday lunch but not sure about evening.
    Les Berceaux is a one star but have been a little underwhelmed at times. Had a good couple of lunches in their Bistro (le 7)

    Reims without driving - Millenaire and Foch both one star.
    I particullarly enjoy Vigneraie, Brasserie Flo and Petit Comptoir. Not sure of their opening hours though Flo is definately open Sunday night.

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      In Epernay, glad to see the continuing rec for Table Kobus, we enjoyed it for lunch a few years ago. Nice decor and good dining in the town center -- and very easily walkable to major Champage houses right down the road. -- Jake

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        we ate at Kobus on a cold, miserably wet day last fall. Nice decor, great food, attentive service, and won't break the bank.

      2. The only other place in Reims I can recommend is Les Crayeres.

        Altho I ate in a few other places, they were so unmemorable I don't recall their names.

        1. Thanks, all, for the suggestions! I'm so excited, as this will be my first time to the Champagne region!