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Homemade catsup

Anything with tomato paste in it does not set well with me--I've been told it's the citric acid which is added to it. Well, catsup has the same problem but I do like it. Anyone out there with a good recipe using canned tomatoes? Heinz is my favorite brand so I'd love to make one that comes close to that flavor. Thanks..

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  1. I just love that you wrote catsup instead of ketchup. I use the word castup, and take delight in asking for catsup, especially at fast food joints.
    I have done catsup a loooooong time ago, it will involve cooking down the tomatoes for a long time, then proceed as you would for a regular recipe. I did a google search for "copycat heinz catsup" and found several.

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      I actually say it "ketchup" but spell it "catsup".....who knows why.

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        <I just love that you wrote catsup instead of ketchup.>

        Me, too.

        I make my own often. One of my favourites is Marcus Samuelsson's papaya...um..."ketchup". Will go through my favourites and pick out a few to post.

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          Thanks for that. The other ones that called themselves "copy cats of Heinz" had tomato paste as a major ingredient. (Oops I just reread the recipe you posted and it has a tablespoon of tomato paste....guess I'll just skip that ingredient.

        2. You could try making your own tomato paste as well. Even a small amount could answer the citric acid question.

          1. There are tomato pastes out there that have no ingredient other than tomatoes. Yesterday I purchased a can of Contadina tomato paste, because tomatoes are the only ingredient. So if citric acid is what causes you problems, you might try that brand or look for others that do not include it. I'm sure Contadina is not the only producer of pure tomato paste.

            1. Try the squeeze tube tomato paste.

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                I just looked at my tube of tomato paste and it says the ingredients are tomato paste and salt. Now isn't that helpful?

              2. The ingredient list on the Heinz bottle should give you a clue to which ingredients you need. However, Heinz has gone the way other commercial food purveyors have gone. There's that dreaded High Fructose Corn Syrup in their product. If you decide to try making your own KETCHUP, use sugar instead of that HFCS. Sugar, altho not the best carb in the world, may be safer health wise.

                I suggest that you use whatever search engine you prefer to look up recipes online and see if you can find one that comes close to what you wish emulate. For instance, access the following to see if this may be a possibility.


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                  I must retract my statements about Heinz because my wife just returned from food shopping with a bottle of Heinz Simply Heinz that does NOT contain any High Fructose Corn Syrup. The sweetener is back to good old sugar.

                  Thank you for eliminating the other substance.