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Tacos el Gordo

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I am interested in any info about how this taco "chain" keeps popping up in San Diego and now on the Los Angeles Chowhound board,

From what I know, which isn't much, Tacos el Gordo in Tijuana is a legendary destination and I have seen at least one or twi versions open and close in Rosarito.

Also, I have seen various versions pop up in San Diego - Chula Vista especially. I have never bothered to visit them, because I live in taco paradise and when I go to San Diego, I want something different.

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  1. They basically bring the street taco and its basic varieties indoors, with separate ordering for the different types, i.e. pastor guy, cabeza man, mulita lady, chicharrĂ³n chief.

    I've only been to the H St CV location, but if that branch is any indication, it's very clean, well managed, and delicious with a competent ensaladera to boot.


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      i agree, the food is good and it's a good value. They are opening up another location on 3rd and Palomar in CV.

    2. The SD versions are off-shoots from the TJ legend. There was a location in PB for a year or so, but they couldn't generate any traffic. Unfortunately, I think the Tijuana spot has lost its luster. Had a quick bite there in November with a fellow CH poster and the meat filling seemed dry and ordinary compared to my past, swoon-worthy experiences.

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        Had the very same experience.