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Jan 17, 2013 04:44 PM

Roast Chicken Question

Hope that someone can help me out here. While I love to purchase organic, free range chicken, when a sale comes on for a regular old bird for $1.99/lb I just can't resist. I'd like to cook my 7.5/lb chicken via the Thomas Kellar method at 450 degrees. However, his recipe specifies a MUCH smaller bird. Do you think I could get away with cooking it as such a high heat or should I try a different method? Many thanks in advance.

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  1. You can roast any size bird at that heat--have done turkeys at 500. A bigger issue is that 7.5 pounds is a big ol' chicken, and I would be concerned that it would be tough if roasted in any way, other than maybe the "sticky chicken" approach at 250 degrees. I would braise a chicken that big, myself.

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      Yeah, I'm a bit concerned about that as well, but I'll still give roasting a shot. Sadly, when the birds are on sale at that price they are always frankenchickens.

    2. As a general rule with poultry, the larger the bird, the lower the roasting temperature is what I prefer... as the breast meat will cook more evenly and the dark meat will cook through more tender.

      I suggest you use 375* for chicken for anything over 6 pounds. You can crisp the skin at the end with a high heat blast.

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