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Jan 17, 2013 04:14 PM

black and white cookies

My 8-year-old had one of these somewhere recently and decided she wants to have them be the birthday treat she brings to her classroom. I've never made them, or even had one. Anyone have a good recipe that isn't going to drive me crazy? I'm a little worried about the frosting part; I don't have a pastry bag and I'm not known for being good at frosting cakes. I need it to make at least 20 cookies. Also, will I be able to stack them for transport?

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  1. Black and white cookies are popular here in NYC. They are cake-like cookies that are frosted with half chocolate and half vanilla icing. You don't need a pastry bag. There is a good recipe in Baking Illustrated (by the Cooks Illustrated people)that I have made a few times. I don't have a link for that recipe, but here is one based on Molly O'Neill's, which looks like it will work well too.

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      I've made them many, many times. I don't have a recipe on hand, as I'm away from home, but there are dozens forcipes online. The frosting is similar to a poured fondant. No mixer required, at least in the recipe use. I recommend icing the white half of the cookie first because sone of the icing may overlap and the chocolate will show through th white. So use Tge white first. Just hold the cookie and drizzle the icbg over half the cookie allowing the excess to drip back into the bowl. Really quite simple once you get a rhythm going. No pastry bag required!