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Jan 17, 2013 03:53 PM

Dough on Main, Deep River, CT

There’s a new pasta shop open in Deep River by the name of Dough on Main. This is the third incarnation of such a shop since the well loved Pasta Unlimited closed several years ago. While the first two versions didn’t manage to succeed, I believe Dough on Main is here to stay! Chef, owner Francis Brooke-Smith creates a veritable feast for our eyes as well as for our stomachs. The deli case sports a range of dishes to tempt your taste buds , and you can easily choose from the offerings that change daily to create a lovely meal to take home or enjoy in the store. There are usually several prepared meats you can start with. I’ve seen buttermilk pan fried chicken, chicken cacciatore, slow roasted salmon with an Asian glaze, blackened catfish, hanger steak, and slow roasted beef short ribs to name a few. Once you’ve chosen your main dish, there are many sides to go along with it. There are simple, well prepared vegetables (I love the oven roasted tomatoes and the haricot verts), but you’ll also find an assortment of salads as well. The peanut noodle salad is delicious, and made with their own fresh pasta. The coleslaw is brightly colored and beautifully seasoned. I’m totally addicted to the kale salad with butternut squash, cranberries, and red onion. You’ll see different dishes each time you go, so go often!

I think the food that really shines at Dough is soup. They offer two choices daily, and always start with their own homemade stocks. There is usually a vegetarian as well as a non-vegetarian selection each day. My favorite has been the loaded baked potato soup - a delicious, hearty soup topped with sour cream, cheddar cheese, scallions and bacon. There are bisques, bean soups, chowders, and just about any other kind of soup you can imagine. They often come with homemade croutons or a crostini designed to compliment each soup.

As the name Dough on Main suggests, of course they have pasta. Using the original Pasta Unlimited recipes, they continue to follow the tradition of offering a broad selection of pastas, raviolis, and sauces. I love the herb linguine with white clam sauce. The tomato basil fettuccini with alfredo sauce is great, as is the cavatelli with Raphael sauce - a chunky sauce made with plum tomatoes and artichoke hearts. And you just can’t beat egg spaghetti with fresh basil pesto. Pastas are all cut to order in the flavor and cut of your choice. For raviolis, there are cheese, meat, sausage, tomato basil, and gorgonzola cheese with toasted walnuts. They are all worth a try, but my personal favorite is the gorgonzola ravioli!

If sandwiches are what you’re looking for, you won’t be disappointed. They menu is diverse, and Francis roasts most of the meats himself. I love the roasted eggplant on ciabatta, warm with melted cheese and sauce, but the Not So Basic ham and swiss on rye is delicious. It’s made with one of the best hams I’ve tasted. You can even get an egg sandwich with ham or bacon throughout the day!

If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll find plenty to choose from. There are breakfast pastries to start the day, but you’ll also find cakes, pies, tarts and cookies made on premises to satisfy that sweet tooth.

So all in all, there is something for everyone at Dough on Main. The staff is friendly, and happy to help with recommendations as needed. There is a small table for four, but they also have a long harvest table where you can enjoy your food and make some new friends while doing so.

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  1. ALL RIGHT! Gotta get there! Can't wait!

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      They had an opening last night and it was oh so swell! It was wall to wall with guests and the food was grand and you couldn't have asked for more.


    2. I'm new to Chowhound, but I just had to jump in. I stopped in at Dough On Main yesterday with a friend at lunch time. The place was busy and had a really friendly vibe. We grabbed two seats at the farm table after placing our order at the counter. As cold as it was, I had to have soup! I chose chicken with black barley, and it was very think and tasty and even came with a big pesto and cheese crouton. My friend got a grilled cheese that looked awesome! We shared a piece of lemon tart for dessert, and that was great as well. I went for lunch, but also left with dinner! I picked up a bag of tomato basil ravioli from the freezer case on my way out. It had tomato pasta, with a cheese filling with fresh basil and garlic. I just served them with butter and grated cheese and they were delicious! I had a yummy dinner and all I had to do was boil water! I'll definitely be back for more.