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Jan 17, 2013 03:38 PM

Grill Em All Burgers Soft Opens Today

... in Alhambra Renaissance plaza: 19 E Main St

Actually, they soft opened Tuesday, but they're doing it again today. Most importantly, there's draft beer (Oscar Blue's Dale Pale Ale, Eagle Rock solidarity are the more artisanl offerings) served in familial frat cups.

This is the first non-chained "famous" American restaurant to open in WSGV since... uhmmm.. this century?

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  1. I do remember visiting their website. Perhaps they've lost a little steam and fell off the radar.

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    1. re: andrew_eats

      On the contrary, they are so successful they needed the brick and mortar to serve more customers who have been waiting in anticipation of this locations opening due long long lines at their truck ....with hopefully more locations to come soon. In the 2013 Zagat Guide they were voted the top food truck in Los Angeles. They have been soft opened all week with the official opening this Saturday January 19th.

    2. Looking forward to trying this. I'm sold just on the artwork alone!

      1. The TOT... omg the TOT...


        1. Y'know, I sort of dig this place except its fucking expensive.

          Some of the burgers seem too fussy just from the descriptions (like the "Napalm Death" with cheese, jalapeno poppers, aioli and, get this!, cream cheese!), but they're generally tasty enough as long as you can get sauce and burger accouterments into your mouth all in one bite (bib not included).

          Everything is so over-the-top that you actually don't feel all that foolish spending 15+ for a condiment drenched bun in a wrapper.

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          1. re: ipsedixit

            The only thing good about GeA is the beer.

            1. re: TonyC

              I thought the burgers were good and the fries excellent, especially with their aioli