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Where can i find Ginger Beer

I'm looking for ginger beer in montreal, similar to what i've tasted in the UK or Australia. I got completly addicted to the stuff there, but can't find any here. I'd like to find alcoholized ginger beer but i would settle for just soda.

Do you guys know where to buy some? I have a car, willing to go anywhere for it, even a restaurant. I'd be so grateful for any help :)

(just to be clear, looking for ginger beer, not ginger ale)

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  1. Ta (the pie place) on Parc imports bottles of ginger beer from Australia. I haven't bought one from there in awhile but they were $5-something a bottle.
    4520, Avenue du Parc, Montréal

    I don't know of other UK or Australian ginger beers available in Montreal. I personally really enjoy the Goya ginger beers because they are spicy. They can be purchased at most Latin grocery stores.

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    1. Reddit's Montreal subreddit has a great list of microbrews stores: http://www.reddit.com/r/montreal/comm... .

      I remember buying some, but I'm not sure where. If I had to guess, I'd say either Peluso or Supermarché Rahman Le Paradis de la Bière, as those are the stores I visit most often.

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        There's a difference between ginger beer and ginger flavoured beer. I once bought a bottle at Peluso with a label that suggested it was ginger beer but it was just beer with ginger in it. As far as I know nobody in Québec makes alcoholic ginger beer.

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          Was it La Chi Orientale?

          Either way, I just remember Marie-Claude Lortie wrote a post about it: http://blogues.lapresse.ca/lortie/201... .

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            SnackHappy's got it right. I'm looking for ginger beer, not ginger flavoured beer.

            Ginger beer is like.... root beer. It's fermented ginger roots with lemons, in a pure sense. No hops.

        2. the loblaws in park ex has them in the international food aisle.

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            While this is true, it's still not the product the OP is looking for. She's looking for ginger beer that has actual alcoholic content.

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              the OP also wrote that they'd settle for just soda.

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                Yeah, i would prefer alcoholic but i'm so desperate i'd keep this loblaws as a backup :)

          2. Phillips Brewing in Victoria makes a ginger beer;
            (third from left on middle shelf
            )How'll you get it here is another matter.

            While figuring it out, perhaps a ginger beer shandy
            will ease the yearning?

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                Oh! I didn't know you could get Fever Tree ginger beer in Montreal. I might just go get some.

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                  Wow! This is the most promising lead yet. Thank you so much for posting this.

                  The news is pretty fresh too, only 2 days before my original post. I better rush over there and confirm this finding.

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                    Follow up:
                    Two followups to give.
                    I went to BioTerre and sure enough, found the ginger beer. It is non alcoholic, but made in UK for it's the style i wanted. Tastes excellent although a little sweet for my tastes.
                    At 1.70$ a bottle, i simple bought everything they had on shelf!! So i'm sorry to report that they are now out of stock ;-)

                    And finally, decided to make my own ginger beer. It's ready now and tastes pretty good, with alcohol content of 7.5%. It didn't take too well to the Co2 (i kegged it, coudln't be bothered to bottle) so it is a little flatter then i would've hoped. However, i think my yeast worked a little too well as it's not sweet at all. I'll try to figure out how i can change it to make it sweeter. I'd like something in between Fever Tree's ultra sweetness and the tartness of mine.

                    Thanks everyone!

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                      You really love your ginger beer, to make it yourself, kudos!

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                        Fever Tree is hardly what I would call ultra sweet. In fact it has about half the sugar of most ginger beer I've ever seen. And I have tried just about every type available on the island of Montreal as well as throughout the British Isles.

                  2. Ginger beer can be found in Montreal. We have bought it at various places. Super C sells all kinds of imported food and they carry Grace products which has a ginger beer.

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                      As well Canada Dry does make a ginger beer in addition to regular ginger ale.

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                        The Golden Cock? I haven't seen it in forever. Do you have a lead?

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                          We were buying The Golden Cock for my father due to illness. My husband now tells me that this product is no longer sold in the Montreal area but can possibly be purchased in Cornwall, Ontario. Coca Cola purchased Canada Dry in Montreal and did not pick up this product for distribution in Montreal. Sorry for this. Call Coca Cola and encourage them to distribute. I must say that at some bulk stores I have seen various sodas Le Papillon in Pointe Claire does have a different selection of sodas.

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                        Do not buy any of the crap from Super C, ALL of it is disgusting. Full of preservatives and sugar.

                      3. Les Freres Sakaris on St-Laurent has ginger beer, the soda kind.

                        1. I should have posted a link to this sooner, but a lot of what's being discussed here had already been brought up in this thread: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/822016

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                            Yeah i had read that already, but because of age and my alcoholic nature (just joking!) i thought i'd revive the subject.

                            Pretty happy i did, you guys are great!

                          2. I just came across this one at the dep on St-Laurent just below Fairmount. http://www.microdulievre.com/en/micro...
                            The ginger beer is about halfway down the page.
                            They seem to sell it at lots of places in town - even Bio-Terre. I haven't tried it yet myself. Does it sound like what you are looking for?

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                              No that's actually a ginger flavoured beer, even though it. It's really different from what i'm looking for.

                              Tasted this one before, it's not that great IMO even for it's category.

                              1. re: stak

                                That's the one I bought at Peluso and the clerk told me was a true ginger beer. What a disappointment.

                              2. I came across this the other day, perhaps it might be of interest to you since you have made your own:


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                                1. re: Ruthie789

                                  Well, it's not the same thing (you need the ginger to create the "fire" in your throat), but it IS intriguing. Maybe i'll try it someday.

                                  1. re: SourberryLily

                                    As well have you tried any of the British stores for your ginger beer? Bramble House in Valois Bay and another bulk store, the name escapes me at the moment but it is in the shopping center at the end of St. Johns Road also carries British food.

                                2. Great thread!

                                  We found some interesting bottles at Latina in Mile End...

                                  1. I just noticed your last sentence about going anywhere and know you want a particular brand,The Golden Cockerel, my husband who works for one of the majour bottlers has suggested that you may find the Canada Dry Ginger Beer in the Cornwall area as it is a different distributor.

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                                      Hmm yeah Cornwall might be a little too far for me just to get non alcoholic ginger beer. Thanks though, maybe somebody else reading this will find it useful.

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                                        I'm wondering if you called Coca-Cola and ask them if they deliver it anywhere in Montreal. As well sometimes you see different products in the Laurentians.

                                    2. Don't know if you found the brand you are looking for here is a link for what Bramble House carries the last line has some ginger beer:

                                      1. Epicerie Segal is where I get mine - It's called "Natural Brew Outrageous Ginger Ale" and is cheap. Despite the name, it has the kick of ginger beer - not as intense as some of the Caribbean or Sri Lankan brands (Grace, Elephant), but moreso than the UK and Aussie stuff (Bundaberg, M&S, etc.) It's made with real ginger and cane sugar.

                                        Also, I highly recommend stopping by Corridor L on boulevard Saint Laurent and trying their home-brewed ginger beer. It is simply outstanding, though rather intense.

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                                        1. re: vacherouge

                                          Where is Epicerie Segal? (I wish people would at least mention the area of the city when they mention a new restaurant or shop).

                                          1. re: williej

                                            Segal's is not new, hence perhaps why the address was not mentioned. It is known to be basically the cheapest supermarket on the Plateau.

                                            4001 St Laurent, near Duluth

                                            1. re: unlaced

                                              "depuis 1927", not new, but perhaps the most passed-by grocery in Montreal 'cause you can't really tell its a grocery store.

                                              1. re: unlaced

                                                Thanks. People new to Montreal wouldn't know that, which is why I think all posters should consider this when they post a name without at least an area, or even better, an address or link, if there is one. Plus it shows chowhound is open to "non-insders'>

                                                1. re: williej

                                                  People can use google if they are interested in the recommendation and want the specific adress.

                                                  I just tested. A simple copy paste got me the street number

                                                  1. re: SourberryLily

                                                    Simply saying XXXX restaurant in YYYYYarea is not a lot to ask. At least that gives people a sense of where it is. Having to google every resto is a bit much to ask and it gives the impression that there are restaurants 'we' know and restaurants 'you don't know'. Just put in the district, please.