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Jan 17, 2013 02:02 PM

Metrowest Boston Valentine's Day Suggestions??

I'm a young professional (mid-20s) that recently relocated to Marlborough, MA. I'm looking for suggestions on where to make a reservation for dinner on Valentine's Day.

I'm trying to stay outside of Boston, ideally in the Northboro, Southboro, Westboro, Framingham, Marlborough, etc. area, but I'd be willing to drive to Natick or Newton for something really fantastic.

I love food and have been fairly disappointed with the finer dining selection in the Metrowest area thus far.
Ideally I'd like a restaurant serving French or Italian, but would be open to other types of food if the ambiance and food was spot on.

I'd prefer not the MOST expensive restaurant, but I don't mind splurging on V-day if the food is worth it. Also, a fairly romantic atmosphere would be ideal.. and delicious food! Any suggestions??

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  1. New spot Sycamore in Newton Centre serves French fare and has gotten rave reviews so far.

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      La Campania in Waltham if Metrowest includes Waltham for you. Lumiere or 51 Lincoln in Newton. Sel de la Terre in Natick.

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        As it happens, I went to Sycamore for Valentine's Day date (we actually went there night before) and it was fantastic!

      2. AKA Bistro in Lincoln serves both French and Japanese food.

        Have not heard much about Tomasso (Italian) in Southboro recently, but a search might give you some idea.

        Oishii Too in Sudbury or Oga in Natick for Japanese. I particularly enjoy the cooked food at Oga, though it has been a little while since I have been.

        1. Welcome to the Metrowest food wasteland! As for your question, I have read very good things about Romaine's in Northborough, but have not yet been there myself. For French, I highly recommend AKA Bistro in Lincoln, as the previous poster suggested. Nice room and excellent food and service.

          1. Yes, the food in the metrowest area is pretty limited. I live in the 'boroughs too, and I feel your pain!

            If you don't mind heading in a bit, and spending some money, I would definitely suggest Lumiere. It's my favorite of the suburban restaurants we go to.

            I wish I could recommend Tomasso, because its the right kind of place. And I've eaten there many times because its close. But there food is just too inconsistent and too expensive. I love the wine list...if wine is a draw for you, maybe its worth it. And sometimes we have a very nice meal there, but its just too hit or miss for that price point.

            Romaine's is very good, and not the most expensive. Not sure its romantic enough though. You should definitely try it at some point htough. Maybe stop in for a drink and see what you think of the atmosphere.

            I like Chloe Bistro in Hudson. They are small, and kind of cute. Food is decent. Similar style to Sel de la Terre in Natick, but somehow eating at the mall doesn't seem romantic. I do like Sel de la Terre, though.

            Maybe Maxwell 148 in Natick. I've eaten there once, and thought it was pretty good.

            La Campania in Waltham is a great choice, I love the food there.

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              Thanks for all the good advice! I'll stop into Romaine's for a drink and check out the atmosphere this weekend. Its a much shorter drive which would be nice, but I"ll also think about Lumiere, Sycamore, and la campania. Waltham is a little far, but I've heard such good things I might just have to go.

              Thanks for all the advice!

            2. Romaine's is very good, but the menu doesn't change much. Close to home, The Oregon Club in Ashland and Stone's Public House both have great food in classic colonial buildings. Entrees not more than $25.