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Jan 17, 2013 12:43 PM

Pearl Lounge and restaurant, new in Red Bank

Does anyone know anything about this yet? Apparently it just opened and it is inside the Oyster Point Hotel.


The menu can be seen on this page.

Prices look pretty reasonable but at almost 40 bucks I would hope that filet is quite tasty. Normally places with nice views have mediocre food I have found....hopefully I am wrong on this one.

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    This article was written last February. I had to double check myself because I didn't believe there was anything new going on at the OPH.

    1. I recall reading that article now - nice memory to dig that one up. Spot on.

      Johnny - I've had drinks and bites in the OP bar before.* It was pretty forgettable. I'd suggest the Molly Pitcher if you need a hotel bar or Basil T's if you have to eat in that part of Red Bank.

      *As the article HillJ cited notes, Pearl's been open for 3 or 4 years now.

      1. To my knowledge OP hasn't been opened since the storm. (Bar Restaurant). I was at the bar/lounge within the past year after a function there and there was nothing special about it. 20 years ago when I first moved to the area OP did a good happy hour live music outside hot apps and drink specials. Since then nothing has really gone on there worth mentioning.

        1. Ah I see. I got some email on my phone about it opening. I glanced at it and it might have been a "reopening" since the storm. Somehow I am on the molly pitcher mailing list and they are run by the same company. My mistake but thanks for the info.

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            Come on CJ what's with the newbie mistake! We expect more out of you, get your head back in the game! (Joking of course)