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Jan 17, 2013 12:35 PM

homemade dulce de leche using regular 2% milk?

Has anyone ever tried this? I have two gallons in my fridge and i was wondering if i could make dulce de leche with just regular 2% milk? I've heard of the condensend milk method and i've done that but i was just wondering so i could use the gallons of milk? Thanks.

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  1. NOT an expert at ALL, but imaging LARGE quantities of milk would take HOURS and lots of careful watching??

    I've done the slow simmer of canned sweetened condensed milk with success. Tred a can of "fat free" and really couldn't taste any difference in end product.

    1. oh no. i didn't mean the entire 2 gallons, i just wanted to use up some of it. Not all. thanks for the advice though.

      1. Yes, I've done it with 2%. Works fine.