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Jan 17, 2013 12:32 PM

Restaurant/Tavern with best Bourbon selection in Portland, ME

Hey all. I have recently begun enjoying a good bourbon and find the choices limited in my area. I have tried the ususal suspects like Maker's, Knob Creek, Booker's and even had some great Bulleit Bourbon and even some Blanton's. I would like to try some more interesting/unique stuff and didn't know if there was a place in Portland/Old Port I should try and check out next time I am there? Thanks in advance.......

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  1. The Salt Exchange on Commercial St. bills itself as having Maine's largest selection of bourbon. I'm not a huge bourbon fan but IIRC, the owner is a big bourbon guy and they even have tastings during Friday happy hour though I'm not sure if that's a year round thing or not. Pretty nice food as well. Personally I prefer the bar.

    1. Bull Feeney's site says "Maine's most extensive selection of single malt scotch, Irish and bourbon whiskey."

      If you go on a weekend night it can be a zoo in there. Off nights it's actually a really great place to grab a few drinks.

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        I checked out the Salt Exchange website and they had a decent selection but nothing I hadn't seen before. I will give Feeney's a try next time we are down that way. If I get there early enough I can avoid the madness. In my 20's I would have been right in the middle of it but 20 years later I am looking for the quiet corner to knock back a nice bourbon/whisky!

      2. Unrelated, I just tried Larceny bourbon and am pleasantly surprided at a lowish price point. I bought it because the reviews campared it to Makers 48.

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          Thanks for that lead! I haven't seen that here on the midcoast (selection is weak at best) but will keep an eye out for it.

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            I just remember my son enjoying a bacon-infused bourbon at Hugo's last spring. Don't know if such a thing interests you. Drinking bacon didn't quite do it for me.

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            Larceny is the 6 yr. Old Fitzgerald, rebranded. A very good whiskey, at a great price.

          3. Just wanted to update you all on the search. I happened to go into King Eider's pub for dinner on Saturday and low and behold, the mecca of whiskey and bourbon. They actually had bottle of 15 y/o and 20 y/o Pappy Van Winkle. This stuff is unreal. Wish it could actually be found anywhere but finally glad I got to try it.

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              Thanks for the shout out. Just wanted to let you know we just got the pappy van wikles 10, 12 and 20 back. We now have 40 bourbons and 80 other whiskey's .

              Jed Weiss
              King Eiders Pub

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                  Where are you located in Portland? Just tried looking you guys up and didn't see anything

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                    King Eider's is in Damariscotta, not Portland--