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Restaurant/Tavern with best Bourbon selection in Portland, ME

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Hey all. I have recently begun enjoying a good bourbon and find the choices limited in my area. I have tried the ususal suspects like Maker's, Knob Creek, Booker's and even had some great Bulleit Bourbon and even some Blanton's. I would like to try some more interesting/unique stuff and didn't know if there was a place in Portland/Old Port I should try and check out next time I am there? Thanks in advance.......

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  1. The Salt Exchange on Commercial St. bills itself as having Maine's largest selection of bourbon. I'm not a huge bourbon fan but IIRC, the owner is a big bourbon guy and they even have tastings during Friday happy hour though I'm not sure if that's a year round thing or not. Pretty nice food as well. Personally I prefer the bar.

    1. Bull Feeney's site says "Maine's most extensive selection of single malt scotch, Irish and bourbon whiskey."

      If you go on a weekend night it can be a zoo in there. Off nights it's actually a really great place to grab a few drinks.

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        I checked out the Salt Exchange website and they had a decent selection but nothing I hadn't seen before. I will give Feeney's a try next time we are down that way. If I get there early enough I can avoid the madness. In my 20's I would have been right in the middle of it but 20 years later I am looking for the quiet corner to knock back a nice bourbon/whisky!

      2. Unrelated, I just tried Larceny bourbon and am pleasantly surprided at a lowish price point. I bought it because the reviews campared it to Makers 48.

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          Thanks for that lead! I haven't seen that here on the midcoast (selection is weak at best) but will keep an eye out for it.

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            I just remember my son enjoying a bacon-infused bourbon at Hugo's last spring. Don't know if such a thing interests you. Drinking bacon didn't quite do it for me.

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            Larceny is the 6 yr. Old Fitzgerald, rebranded. A very good whiskey, at a great price.

          3. Just wanted to update you all on the search. I happened to go into King Eider's pub for dinner on Saturday and low and behold, the mecca of whiskey and bourbon. They actually had bottle of 15 y/o and 20 y/o Pappy Van Winkle. This stuff is unreal. Wish it could actually be found anywhere but finally glad I got to try it.