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Frozen pre-cooked dumplings have stuck together!

Hi all,

Last night I opened a new bag of frozen pre-cooked vegetable dumplings and tried to fry them (had about 6-7 tbsps of oil in a large frying pan).

They were stuck together so badly that the skin on some of them got stuck to the pan and when I tried to separate them carefully, they just opened up and were torn. How can I make them next time so this doesn't happen again?


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  1. Maybe a quick dip in hot water?
    Sometimes I make frozen pierogies as a quick dinner and I boil them briefly to thaw and separate them.

    1. When I buy something like that... ravioli, periogies, etc... I usually repackage asap. If not rock hard from supermarket, I'll give them time in freezer. Then if any are stuck together (usually some), I try a quick twist with a butter knifs, if I can get into a crevice. If I can't and one/two break... hey, would be a loss anyway.

      1. Do you mean they froze together into a lump, and you put the whole lump in the fying pan, or that they got stuck together during the cooking process?

        If frozen, I normally whack the package on the counter a couple time. If that doesn't work, I nuke them on the defrost cycle for a minute to thaw the exterior just enough to pull them apart.

        If they stuck while cooking, you should put less dumplings in the pan, as they can swell somewhat while cooking.

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          Thanks for all the answers, they are already stuck and frozen when I buy them.
          1) I tried whacking them on the counter and many of them broke
          2) Do I put the plastic bag in the microwave?
          3) Adding a tbsp of water, haven't tried that yet


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            2) Do I put the plastic bag in the microwave?

            No need to cover....I just put them on a microwave safe plate.

        2. Give them short 30 second zaps in the microwave....they'll pull apart easily without tearing.

          1. Put the cover on the pan. Add a tablespoon of water if you need to. Then you can pick them apart usually then fry.

            I do that with potstickers

            1. They should not have this problem to begin with. I suspect they were IQF before packing, then sometime before you bought/cooked them, partially thawed and refrozen. The only time I have had frozen dumplings stuck together was
              when my freezer contents partially thawed during a prolonged power outage, then refroze before I had the chance to cook them. Feel the bag when you buy them - if they are separate, you'll be able to feel that. Transport them in an insulated bag and get them into the freezer as soon as you get home. If they are in a solid lump in the store, don't buy them. You have no idea how warm they got, and for how long.

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                Exactly, there was a power outage many months ago and the packages were partially thawed and got stock together. I think that store is still selling these packs!

              2. Let them sit on the counter to defrost for a bit them shake them loose.