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Jan 17, 2013 11:37 AM

Greg's Ice Cream - usually great but new (?) PB flavour was disappointing

Big fan of Greg's here - his marshmallow, coffee toffee flavours my faves and his operation justly touted.

Because parking so impossible near his Bloor St location, I usually buy half pints at reliable outlets like Pusateris and the Thieves.

The Peanut Butter flavour I saw at the former yesterday was new to me...maybe it has been out for a while? In any event, I was eager to try it. What a disappointment on two counts! First, it lacked flavour - sort of how I feel about watermelon and that family of fruits - a vapidity, a searching for what you hope might be there but isn't. The anemic colour accentuated the feeling I had. On top, it had a weird, almost "mealy" texture quite unlike Greg's other flavours in my experience. BTW the carton did not appear to have been re-frozen or damaged in any way.

Other folk have similar impressions of this flavour? could I have purchased a "rogue" batch?

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