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Frozen Pearl Onions

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Hi - I would like to make a Beef Bourguignon and it calls for frozen pearl onions. Can't seem to find them anywhere. Help!

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  1. What's wrong with using fresh ones, they can be found in any grocer or supermarket.

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      I agree although it's just very time consuming to peel them, :)

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          An easy trick to peeling them. Cover them with boiling water for a few minutes, drain and run under cold water for a second until easy to touch. Now all you'll have to do is slice the top and they'll squeeze right out of their skin.

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            Yup, that's what I do too.

      2. I'm not in Canada, but do ask at your local supermarkets. Around here, every supermarket at some time or other carries the "Birds-Eye" brand of frozen pearl onions, & they're of excellent quality. And "Birds-Eye" does have a presence in Canadian markets. Some markets around here only carry them around the holidays, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

        While I have cooked pearl onions from scratch, I fully agree that it's a pain in the a**, & so much easier to toss in a handful or two of the already-blanched frozen ones. I'd make Coq au Vin a lot less than I do without this one shortcut. :)

        1. Another vote for the Birds-Eye frozen! The grocery store I frequent most often never seems to have them, so when I find myself at one of the two stores in town that DO carry them, I stock up!

          A month or two ago I had a pice of chuck that really needed to be cooked, and no time to go all the way across tow. Used fresh pearl onions, and it took forever to peel them...

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            That's what I use for beef bourguignon, per Ina Garten's recipe for it. In a braise, they're perfectly fine and make the recipe so much less labor intensive.

            I'd rather drill hot screws through my eyeballs than peel all those little onions.

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              you mention two stores that do carry them; is there a reason why you don't share which stores they are?

            2. Aubut has them and if I remember correctly, they were pretty reasonably priced.

              1. Trader Joe's has frozen pearl onions, just saw them this week.

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                  There are no trader joes in Montreal, or Canada!

                2. Saw frozen pearl onions at Maitre Boucher on Monkland in NDG. About $2.70 for a plastic container, looked like about 1.5 cups or so.