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Jan 17, 2013 10:49 AM

Le Bifteque on Cote De Liesse

Hi - anyone been back since their reopening? If so, how is it? Worth another visit?

Thanks for your recommendations!

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  1. Was there for a Christmas party, rib steak ($19.95 on the a la carte menu) had no taste, veggies and fries were clearly of the frozen kind, soup was way too salty.

    1. I went last Sunday. We reserved a table for 6, arrived and were taken to a table that could not possibly fit more than 4 plates. It was incredibly cramped and ridiculous. We asked why we couldn't have a larger table and the hostess said the others had reserved them. But didn't we? Begrudgingly we were taken to the adjacent dining room. The booth was oval shaped and incredibly uncomfortable. The new decor reminded me of a mid-ranged hotel restaurant.

      The waiter was acceptable but usually absent, not surprising since we were alone in the dining room. At one point a group of senior citizens who had also reserved but were disappointed joined us in the the dining room. The waiter warned them not to sit there otherwise they would receive unpleasant service - I thought this was a hilarious comment for a waiter to make.

      Anyways, my family had the blooming onion, which was barely edible, in my opinion. The salad was from a bag and took nearly 20 minutes. I had the sesame crusted tuna which was surprisingly good. However, my side vegetables were literally a mountain of steamed baby carrots with 1 or 2 shriveled up peppers. My girlfriend's side was similar. Those of us who ordered steak were satisfied as were the rib eaters. I ate 1 or 2 ribs. They were completely unseasoned and dowsed in generic bbq sauce but they had a nice grilled flavour.

      I would never return unless invited and not paying.

      However, an 18oz rib steak is under $20 so if you've got a hankering, you may as well go.

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        Sometimes you just have to laugh at shitty service.

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          haha, this is funny because I went twice since they reopened and the sesame tuna was by far the best thing ive had there. Not to say it was great, but it was way better than the steaks. My first trip I order a rare filet mignon and it came medium. For a self described steak house thats bad. Also the meat was full of tendons which is unacceptable for a filet. The second time when I got the tuna my girlfriend got the sirloin and it was pretty fatty and full of tendons as well. Pretty disappointed, I get better cuts of meat at home.

        2. Another reason not to eat in substandard restos.

          1. I remember a pre- Biftheque opening CH thread. Someone mentioned (maybe it was a newspaper quote?) that the vast majority of the previous workers (management and staff) were returning for the new opening.

            I though this was hilarious (and sad).

            The owners were bringing back what potentially closed the restaurant in the first place.....

            From these initial reports, seems like its not too far fetched...

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            1. re: porker

              I went a week last Saturday. Only problem was the wait to get seated - there were literally hundreds of people there and the parking lot was full to overflowing.

              We finally got a table about 30 minutes after the reservation, but everything was plain sailing after that. Bread arrived quickly, as did the salads. Admittedly, they were not spectacular, but were edible.

              For the main course, there were 3 of us: one had filet mignon (rare), another had their Kansas steak (medium rare) and the third had the prime rib. Each was cooked exactly as requested. I can't comment on the taste of the others, but the filet mignon was good. Perfectly cooked with a good flavour. I don't often go to steak houses in Montreal, but the steak I had was better than the Baseball steak I'd had in the Place Ville Marie Le Keg (which was the last time I went to a "steak" restaurant in Montreal).

              Service was fast and efficient throughout, which, considering they must have served over 1000 covers that evening, was surprising. Only downside was the zoo-like atmosphere waiting for a table.

              1. re: pyropaul99

                A half hour wait for 3 diners after making a reservation... yeah that's a pretty big downside.

                1. re: Shattered

                  the staff is incompetent but these kinds of waits were what they were known for before they closed down last time. I don't think their main dining room is opening yet.

            2. Had a less than stellar steakhouse experience. Ordered a rare rib steak. Picked at the ridiculous Caesar salad, which was lacking red wine vinegar, dijon , pepper, egg yolk, anchovy, olive oil, capers, lemon, and Worcestershire.
              First bite of the steak was tasteless, took one more to confirm and called the waitress. She called the floor manager who gracelessly explained that i must be an idiot because everyone loves the steak. She did offer to fire another one in the hope that the meat would be better. It arrived, unseasoned and over cooked. The manager came over to inquire if it was better, I told her it was no different, that the steak was grilled without salt or pepper. She told me that they DONT season the steaks because people have health issues. I let it go at that, showed her that it was way past rare and she agreed that it was very overcooked. She offered a comped dessert.
              I didn't have the heart to tell her that
              everything else on the menu was high sodium, their croutons are salty, their rolls are salty, the baked potato was salted and peppered before cooking and that meat must be seasoned before being cooked.
              I ate a couple bites, they didn't charge for our side of mushrooms ( which were salty, buttery and good).
              My girlfriend had a filet and baked potato. She ate every bite, The potato was excellent, but the steak lacked any marbling or flavour.
              i know that this restaurant is a compromise, a great steak requires prime beef so i know what I am getting if I choose to eat there. Just cook it properly!