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Jan 17, 2013 10:31 AM

Ideas around Falls Church/Vienna

I'm meeting a friend who works in McLean and have offered to go to one of those orange line metro stops (East/West Falls Church, Vienna, etc.) to meet him for dinner - we can drive from there, as he has a car. Can you recommend an amazing ethnic place somewhere in that vicinity?

I'm particularly in the mood for Thai or Indian, but am open to other suggestions; no Persian for this visit, and probably not Vietnamese either. Though I have been wanting to try Rice Paper...


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  1. EFC stop: Hong Kong Palace or Bangkok Golden

    Merrifield stop: Uncle Liu's (sister to HKP plus hot pot if you like that). Also Myanmar.

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    1. re: Dennis S

      Bangkok Golden gets my vote, it's one of our favorite places to eat when we visit the area.

      1. re: Rick

        I'd go to HKP! I wish they would open up a sister establishment farther to the west.

        For Indian, Haandi near the WFC station is a venerable, very good restaurant. Always liked their biryanis and breads.

      1. I enjoy the Indian at Turmeric in Vienna on East Maple Ave. They've got a delicious lunch buffet- not sure if its available at dinner though.

        1. Not Asian, but off of 29 there is a little "order at the counter" restaurant called Meat in a Box. The name does no justice to how delish this Iranian casual fare is.

          1. Curry Mantra on Main Street in Fairfax for indian. Great atmosphere too, with live music on Friday and Saturday!