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Jan 17, 2013 09:56 AM

An outstanding experience!

We had to make a difficult choice for last night's celebration dinner: Le Bec Fin, Lacroix, the Fountain, or Vetri.
We chose LBF and were we glad!

This place is outstanding. We have dined at the other places I named and they all were very good, but last night's experience outdid them all.

The place is beautiful and elegant, as it always was. The guys were required to wear jackets, but not ties.

The food was unbelievable. Every dish was creative and delicious, with interesting combinations of tastes and flavors. Our oohs and ahs could be heard up and down Walnut Street.

The service was marvelous yet comfortable and unobtrusive.

The extras were fantastic, from the canapes to the candy assortment that followed dessert.

We all had the $85 four-course menu, which was plenty of food. You can read the menu online; it changes frequently.
There is a huge wine list. Nothing is cheap, but the wine we chose ($65 a bottle) pleased us all.

I can't remember being so excited about a dinner. Can't wait for an occasion to go back!

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  1. Thanks for the review, Sylvia. Glad you had a wonderful dinner.

    1. Thank you for the review. Great to know that LeBecFin is back.

      1. Sylvia thanks for the marvelous write up. Was there any one dish that stood out?

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          Being that you are one whose opinions I trust, I will be making a trip eventually to LBF. Problem is the husbands who'd rather not have to wear jackets. (Duh!)
          But for a special occasion it sounds tops.

          1. re: cwdonald

            cw, I can't think of any one dish that stood out - though I do love foie gras, and this presentation was crisp and generous.
            Each dish, including those on the "entree" section, was small but contained interesting ingredients and complex flavors.

            I forgot to mention the wonderful bread. At first we were presented with a melt-in-your mouth petite croissant. Next the next course was accompanied by a small, crisp-crusted baguette. Next was a slice of another delicious bread.

            One memorable feature was the cheese tray for dessert. Three people had it (we were eight) and it was impressive.
            The server explained each cheese and the accompaniments - various relishes (cranberry compote, apple something, etc.) and the cheese selections were served with an assortment of breads. It was quite a production, and my husband loved the cheeses.

            Oh what a dinner!

          2. Thanks for review, l will be there in a few weeks and will report back as well.

            1. Your review has me taking my stash to Coinstar so I don't have to carry a bag of coins! Looking forward to Deluca---'s comments as further encouragement to cash in!