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Jan 17, 2013 09:56 AM

Sheraton North 3rd Street, Phoenix

Attending a conference early Feb for 5 days. Where to eat in the vicinity?? Have only been to Phoenix once before and that was ~ 5 yrs ago. Needs to be close by or short cab ride. Cheap to moderately priced. Like everything except Mexican and Chinese

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  1. The hotel's own restaurant, District, is surprisingly good -- more so than one would generally expect at a Sheraton.

    Within walking distance, some of my favorite restaurants are Pizzeria Bianco, Nobuo at Teeter House, Blue Hound, Arrogant Butcher, Hanny's, and the Breadfruit. Those are all on the upper end of moderately priced, depending on your exact standards.

    Cheaper options Downtown are mostly places that open only for lunch such as Yasda Bento. There are three Thai restaurants Downtown that are open evenings and fairly economical.

    For options beyond Downtown, light rail will be a cheaper mode of travel than a cab and will connect you to restaurants to the north in the Midtown and Uptown areas of Phoenix, as well as restaurants to the east in Tempe and Mesa.

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      Thanks so much, just what I was looking for. What couple of restaurants do you consider the Best in Phoenix?

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        I'm always hesitant to answer that question because "best" is so subjective. Due to differences in taste, budget, and location preference, one person's best may be another's worst. Nevertheless, if I were to look at the list above and say which of my Downtown Phoenix favorites are generally considered among the best in the entire Phoenix Metro Area, Pizzeria Bianco and Nobuo would undoubtedly make the cut. Both are run by James Beard award winners and have gotten a lot of coverage from outside Phoenix.

        These are two articles on dining in Phoenix with recommendations I generally agree with:

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          Agree that both Pizzeria Bianco and Nobuo at Teeter House are the two best restaurants in CenPho.

          Go to Bianco for lunch (when there's no wait) and Nobuo for dinner.

          Might also consider Cibo (a poorman's version of Bianco) and Breadfruit, which has a pretty decent Jamaican fare.

          Also, Blue Hound in CityScape is very good as well.

    2. Is there a grocery store w/in walking distance of the hotel?

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        No, that's a frequent complaint about Downtown Phoenix: It lacks a grocery. There is a nice farmer's market a few blocks to the north; however, it is open only Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings. If you want to visit a full-fledged grocery store, you'll need to take the train to AJ's (Central / Camelback) or Super Target (19th Ave / Montebello).

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          Try Bodega 420.

          Not a full scale market, but with a much larger selection than your typical convenient store (i.e., Circle K).

          It's about a 1/2 mile north of the hotel, corner of 5th St. and Roosevelt.