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Sliver PIzzeria and other new pizza places in Berkeley

Has anyone tried Silver yet? I haven't, but it looks to me almost exactly like Cheeseboard..!

I was reading this short article which mentions some new pizza places to come this Spring: http://sf.eater.com/archives/2013/01/...

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    1. Pizza Moda is open in the old Fellini / Divino space.

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      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        Just to confirms, Pizza Moda is a "real restaurant" that does not do single slices, right?

        1. re: psb

          Currently just dinner and whole 12" and 15" pies.


      2. Sliver's having an opening party tomorrow 2/20 5-6. Free slivers of pizza, live music.

        1. Sliver PIzzeria

          2132 Center St. Berkeley

          1. went in here for lunch today. slices are $2.75. and yes, you get the CB obligatory bonus slice (or sliver, perhaps). Half and whole pie prices are same as cheeseboard. also have the option of bringing home half baked pies at $10 (half) and $20 (whole). As the report in this thread alluded to, the concept is basically a copycat of cheeseboard. However, the crust is a bit different, although as psb noted, it's likely due to the oven rather than the ingredients. Basically, this place is a cross between cheeseboard and bobby g's - cheeseboard like pizza with a bar like feel (several televisions in the restaurant showing sporting events and, of course, the bar with noted happy hour).

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              I looked in the other day and they were cooking in a gas deck oven. Did they replace the wood oven?

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                It's a lively addition to that area of Berkeley.

                Running late for a 7pm Saturday show at Berkeley rep. a few weeks back, Sliver seemed the best bet for a quick dinner. Like CB, the line quickly dissipated and the music inside was so loud we had to grab seats outside. Lots of seating. The crust was a bit different than your modal CB slice, but within the boundaries of normal variation--- it had some blackened bits on the bottom, not just desirable char, but I've had that happen before at CB before. Toppings were indistinguishable from what you get at CB (cheese, no sauce, lots of olive oil, other stuff).

              2. Well, just chiming in here to confirm that Sliver tastes exactly like cheeseboard. Not worse, not better. Just exactly the same. Great for students who can't walk to cheeseboard quickly for lunch, but wouldn't go in any other circumstance. Interesting how blatant of a knock-off it is...

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                  Cheeseboard is a collective and apparently is happy for former employees / members to copy the original. The Arizmendi bakeries are also knockoffs.

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                    Well as long as they don't mind. I like Arizmendi too, but think Sliver is a bit closer to the original. Would be cool to see this kind of pizza expand nationally.

                    1. re: hungree

                      Well apparently most are ok with it but not everybody.

                      In some cases they have the same supplier, so literally the same ingredient stream.

                      All the Arizmendis are coops too, right? While Sliver is a for-profit business, although it doesnt appear to quite be "rapacious capitalism" [e.g. the interest in anti-human trafficking etc].

                2. I got a slice at Sliver yesterday. It seemed exactly like Cheeseboard except not cooked quite as much so it wasn't as crisp.

                  1. There were already five Arizmendi split-offs, so copying the original idea is nothing new. And there's still a crazy long line for Cheese Board Pizza, so I don't think it's hurting their business.

                    Maybe there are some hard feelings over them not being a worker-owned co-op.

                    1. I heard if you are against HUMAN TRAFFICKING you should go to SLIVER and if you are FOR human trafficking you should go to CHEESEBOARD. Is that not the word on the street?

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                      1. re: psb

                        What the hell are you talking about?

                        1. re: UglyPlate

                          "Mission Statement: To use the freshest and finest quality ingredients on our pizza as a means to promoting human health and empowering the fight against human trafficking around the world."


                          1. re: Robert Lauriston

                            Sounds to me like they are just trying to co-opt the left to benefit their business. I have gotten a slice there many times and I never heard any of that balderdash. It makes me wonder if I want to support a business that makes such pizza pie-in-the-sky claims.

                            I love the Cheeseboard, but I like Sliver's pizza more than Cheeseboard's (which I never really warmed to). If you want to support progressive politics, then Cheeseboard should win hands down. Given the choice, I would rather go to Gioia.

                            1. re: chocolatetartguy

                              It's supposedly a charity thing, a percentage of profits go to anti-trafficking organizations. Maybe they're better at making pizza than writing web site copy.

                              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                                If Sliver is donating to causes that oppose human trafficking, then good on them.

                                But the really objectionable part of psb's post is:

                                "if you are FOR human trafficking you should go to CHEESEBOARD"

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                                  er, I was responding to "twenty14"'s now disappeared post about why it is evil to go to SLIVER. did the chowhound inspector gadget forces decide that was an ASTROTURFING post and remove it?

                                  (i did note that was Twenty14's only CH posting)

                                  >But the really objectionable
                                  >part of psb's post is:
                                  are you being defensive?