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Jan 17, 2013 09:49 AM

Good Restaurants in Mississauga/T.O

I have been looking for a good place to eat for some time, it seems every Friday/Saturday I'm stumped on where to go. It usually ends up with me getting some take out and going home. Any help is much appreciated. (Asides from the obvious Kelseys,Montanas etc etc)

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  1. From my experience, Kelseys, Montana's, Walker's, Milstones, Mario's, etc. are all boring and to be avoided. I prefer places where they really cook interesting food exceptionally well and don't annoy their customers.

    Piatto Bistro on Dundas is my upscale first choice. The dining room is quiet and comfortable while the bar/bistro side is less so. With competent cooking and seasoned service, anything with mushrooms is particularly good.

    Apricot Tree and their new op, Bistro Narro, are my dependable moderately priced choices. Narro is nicer.

    Mondello in Streetsville has matured nicely into quite a pleasant spot for traditional Italian fare, but it is getting pricey.

    For a wonderful dining experience, a half hour's drive west on the 401 to Enver's of Morreston will likely reset your personal culinary standards. Get a table away from the front door and windows.

    Weekends means reservations advised at all the above.

    Have you tried Ocean's at Hurontario and Eglington for your desperation take outs? Cheap fresh eats and an exceptional value with soup, one heaping starch and two large entrée portions for $5.99. No fortune cookie though.

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      Thank You for your exceptional reply I will try these out! I have actually never tried Ocean's take out. I'm honestly scared of cleanliness.

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        Glad you found it useful. Scared? Most diners are just the opposite, - concerned about poor food handling and sanitation practices.

        I shop often at Ocean's and never observed any potential problems with either their cooked or raw food products. Their menu is significantly smaller than comparable restaurants and considering their high output, they cook in relatively small batches and constantly replenish. That freshness gives me more confidence than at take out restaurants with near-encyclopedic menus that couldn't possibly keep all those items freshly prepped. That's scary. I also like the way they isolate the food handling tasks away from cash handling, more places should.

        By the way, I avoid the Brampton Ocean's.

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          I guess your right, I'll give them a check on my way back from school sometime.

    2. Was talking to a woman from Mexico last week who married a Canadian and moved to TO.

      This is where she had her wedding reception.

      I've not been but I think that's pretty high praise.


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        Thank you for your response, I have actually been there several times although it is pretty good. The serving isn't the biggest for the price.

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        1. I was just driving through Streetsville when I saw a new restaurant Brick House Pizza open up right beside Saucy's. They're advertising brick oven pizza. I'm not sure if it's part of the Saucy's restaurant (I hope not... Saucy's has horrible service).

          I've been trying to find a great pizza place north of Eglinton in Mississauga and the idea of a brick oven thin crust pizza sounds really good.

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            Brick House is a nice local spot, not worth a detour but decent pizza - not quite Neapolitan style but close to it.

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              I've not yet tried Brick House, however last weekend we had dinner a few doors south at Mondello and shared their special pizza of the day with a Duck Ragu topping as our appetizer.
              The thin, crisp crust and buttery duck topping was exceptional. When the Chef made his tour of the room we asked about his dough. He said he uses Italian "00" flour.

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                Speaking of pizza in Streetsville, there is a Goodfella's pizza place that has been in the works for ages now. It will be housed where the old Bistro Chezanne was, right at the corner of Queen and Main. I passed by last week and it looked like they are in the final stages of renovations. I think it's a chain, Has anyone tried pizza from their other locations?

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                    I wish 'em luck but there's some bad juju/fengshui attached to that corner. Serial fails there for the last 10+ years.

                    1. re: Kagemusha

                      Bad karma using two different movie things?? Goodfella's but paraphrasing Godfather?? Not sure about that one.


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                        Seriously, that spot is cursed, whatever the name of the resto/bar that locates there. Planned reno/expansion of the dinky cenotaph nearby will probably kill more parking.

                        S-ville's a tough market. The place needs a dive bar or two to liven up its image.

                        Goodfella's has taken too long and looks DOA.