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Jan 17, 2013 09:33 AM

Video Ads Lagging horribly

I am watching Chow's Tips and "You're doing it all wrong" videos.

When i watch the "tip videos", without ads, they are smooth and fast to stream. This is KEY. It's not my internet connection.

When i watch "You're doing it all wrong" videos, they are preceded by french ads (i live in Montreal). It plays for 1.5 secs, then pauses to download for 3 seconds. Do you have ANY idea how antagonizing that is???

When finally the ad is over, the chow video is smooth. So it's just the ads!

To make matters worse (as if i hadn't wasted enough time already trying to watch one video), i want to watch the next one. ANOTHER ad. Can't you do like youtube? When you've watched 1 ad, it will leave you alone for a few videos.

Now i just wont watch your "You're doing it wrong" videos. It's a shame, they are quite good.

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  1. I am getting the same thing. I am watching CHOWTIPS and they die at about 30 seconds and skip to the next tip which dies and skips and so on and so forth.

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