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Jan 17, 2013 09:14 AM


What is the best place to get BBQ in Kansas City? I have been to Jack Stack so looking to try something new with a group of 9. Plaza or downtown doesnt matter just need a restuarant that can handle a large table...

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  1. The best bbq's in KC aren't in DT or the Plaza. Are you limited to those 2 locales?

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      Anywhere reasonable... Not traveling 20 miles

    2. Asking the best place to get BBQ in Kansas City is akin to asking the best way to get the federal budget under control. I guarantee many disparate opinions and a good deal of passion. You should check all of the previous discussions on this board (and there have been many). My personal favorite: Oklahoma Joe's.

      1. Oklahoma Joes. Its been featured on numerous TV shows, including Anthony Bordains, as being one of the best. Has won all sorts of awards and is definitely on the top of my list for the KC area. Have sent tons of people there and none have been disappointed. I think there are three locations so you have a bit to pick from.

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          How long would a party of 9 have to wait in line to get a large table at OK Joe's?

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            I think the wait will also depend how long the line is. They seem to regulate ordering to allow for seating. If you could go earlier in the evening, you could probably sail through.

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              Since you wait in line and only find a table after you have paid and received your food, there is no difference for a party of 9 versus a party of 2. You find seating where available. If the line is out the door, you'll probably wait about 30+ mins. If you somehow manage to find a time when the line is short, you may wait 5 mins. That said, I've been to the 47th street location with large groups numerous times and never had a problem with seating. You just push a few tables together. It's somewhat of a beautiful thing because you can spend an hour in line being worried about finding a seat, yet the kitchen puts out food at a pace equal to that of which the tables are being turned over. It works because people don't save tables or when the rest of their party spends an hour in line.

              1. re: pollymerase

                Thank you both for your thoughtful replies.

                I timed my wait when I tried OK Joe's two years ago. Arriving at 3:45p, my place in line started off just inside the door. I had 42 people ahead of me and it took about 30 minutes until I had my tray of bbq.

                It was simple for me as a party of one. Guess I needn't be concerned about how they'd handle bigger groups.

                1. re: Melanie Wong

                  Yeah, in my experience, they have never handled the seating at all--no special treatment or wait for groups versus solo diners. A group of 10 waits in lines like a party of 1, orders their food, pays, receives food, finds a spot to sit down. Like your experience, I have found that it is typically about 30 minutes from the door to counter. I gave up a while ago on dining in, as it is so much easier to just call ahead, walk by all the people waiting in line, and be home and chowing down with a beer. I'm in Philly now and I have pains in my stomach knowing that I can't just pick up the phone and have a carolina style pulled pork in my hands in 30 minutes.

                  Regarding the large group, I find that there is always a bit of anxiousness about being able to get seats together, but I can think of at least 5 times when I have been there with a group of 8+ at lunch and we have always been able to push together tables. I highly recommend it. We'd always discuss trying something else, but finally settled on not bothering because we always wished he had just had OK Joe's.

          2. If you like ribs, I suggest JR's (Jon Russell's) on 135th St in Overland Park ...


            Oklahoma Joe's also is very good. Another one I like is RJ's Bob-be-Cue Shack in Mission:


            1. LC's for burnt ends. It ain't the plaza though.

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                Those burnt ends are amazing - would suggest take-out though .

                1. re: chileheadmike

                  Another vote for LC's, and burnt ends.

                  If you're somebody that's familiar with bbq brisket, the "burnt ends" is the brisket deckle (that elsewhere - like Texas - is also called the fat cap, high side, point, moist, loose, etc.) that has been cut into chunks, rather than sliced.

                  I'm also a fan of LC's beans. Not too sweet. I hate too sweet.