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Jan 17, 2013 08:36 AM

David Chang's Bo SSam recipe: anyone make it yet?

Going to make this for Super Bowl, along with a variety of Moroccan salads. I try never to make something for the first time for a party, so I'm wondering if anyone has made it and found it works as advertised? Ideas for sides? Thanks.

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    It's delicious. Make two. I served mine with the traditional accompaniments of oysters, seaweed salad and kimchi, which, as expected, my guests really didn't embrace. Of course the rice and lettuce cups were a-ok.

    ETA that it's really not the most mind blowing pork shoulder I've ever made or eaten. It's pretty hard to go wrong with melty, crispy pork in any genre.

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      Next time invite me! I like the oysters, kimchi and seaweed salad better!

      Just kidding... I'll eat the whole menu.

    2. I made it for the super bowl once as well. Follow the directions to a tee. I tasted a piece while cooking and was worried it would be too salty but it turned out great. Make those sauces too, the ginger scallion one is especially good.

      1. A friend of mine has made it a couple of times and raves about it. It's on my work-in-process menu for when our kids (and their babies) are here in a couple of weeks.

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            thanks so much for the link! excited to try it.

          2. Has anyone tried mixing the goguchang based sauce back into the meat before serving?

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              I think part of the allure is the textural differences of the meat when left in a big chunk vs. it being pre-pulled or shredded as you are implying. So I wouldn't do this, but I do think the sauce is delicious. I used up the leftovers on whatever I could find to grill.