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Jan 17, 2013 07:42 AM

Superbowl viewing in a beachy/outdoor environment?

We are visiting LA and will happen to be there on Superbowl Sunday. While not hardcore fans we do like to watch the game, normally on east coast time where we live. Being in LA the game will be on in the afternoon and we don't want to be holed up inside when its likely to be nice out.

Wondering if anyone has recommendations for a cool/fun vibe sports-type bar or pub or whatever that might be open to the outside, beachy area or otherwise. I know this is a little vague, just thinking of how we can casually catch the game, eat some tasty bar food, and still enjoy some LA sunshine. Anywhere from LA to south bay is fine.

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    1. Naja's Place in Redondo?

      1. If you are looking for something right on the beach basically then consider Big Dean's. Mostly burgers and sandwiches, but a good place.

        I read that they are planning to do some renovation work at some point, so you might want to see if that has already taken place or might impact the Super Bowl.

        1. On the Rocks in the Redondo Beach Marina (right near the Seaside Lagoon) has a nice view of the water, outdoor tvs, etc. Great place to go to watch football by the water (food is just okay). We have gone there for playoffs in the past.

          Tony P's in Marina del Ray has a good set-up for watching sports and has a Marina view--there weren't tvs outside when we were there last, but it's been a while.

          Any of the places on the pedestrian only portion of Pier St. in Hermosa Beach (Hennessy's, Sharkey's, etc.) would probably fit the bill as well and would give you more options is one wasn't to your liking. Though I think the demographic is definitely younger (and drunker) on big party holidays (not sure if the superbowl qualifies). Though the tv viewing is generally better inside than out.

          All are probably pretty busy on Superbowl Sunday--might want to inquire ahead as some places charge a fee for a "party".

          1. Thanks everyone, these all sound like good candidates! Just what I had in mind...