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Jan 17, 2013 07:04 AM

Sap Sago - new ideas?

Now that I've been made aware that there is a cheese board, how about sharing thoughts you might have about Sap Sago? My dad just send me a packet of it. When I was young, he'd buy it and grate it finely, then sprinkle on buttered sourdough toast. I could eat that all day long but, sadly, don't need the bread and butter. So, what else can I do with Sap Sago to showcase its unique and delicate flavor?

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  1. Make a ham omelet and just before turning out of pan, grate some SS on top, it will slightly melt but keep it's distinct characteristics quite pure.

    1. Sap Sago can be grated over pasta or added to a fondue, but I assume you want to avoid bread and other starchy foods. Try grating some SS over vegetables, such as broccoli or asparagus, or over fresh greens in a salad.

      Here's an earlier thread on SS that has a couple of other ideas:

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          Hard, lowfat cheese made in Switzerland and using fenugreek as a flavoring.

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            Actually, blue fenugreek. It's not the plant that most people think of as fenugreek, although it is related to it. The cheese is made in the shape of a small, truncated cone and is green in color.

            The odd name--Sap Sago--allegedly comes from English speakers' mispronunciation of the Swiss German name for the cheese: Schäbziger (which is correctly pronounced Sheb-tsi-gurr). The English name has stuck and the original German name is little used in the US.

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            How about price? What should sap sago cost per lb?

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              Assuming you can find it, a 3 oz. cone of SS should cost somewhere close to $6.00. That's over $30 a pound, which is rather expensive, but it's not a cheese you would put on a cheese plate and, as a grating cheese, a little goes a long way.

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                Thank you. That's very helpful to a cheese buyer not familiar with a specific type of cheese.

                I've created an OP about understanding what to expect; aka, the cost of cheese. I really welcome an education on what to anticipate in pricing cheeses (even a range) as I plan purchases for myself or parties. I never know what to expect or how to properly budget for cheese purchases.