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Jan 17, 2013 06:50 AM

Looking for a Spanish Restaurant in Tokyo

Will be in Tokyo Sunday the 20th to Tuesday the 22nd. My fiancee really wants some Spanish Tapas while we are there, probably Monday night. Have not turned up much in searches on here for such a place.

Our hotel is in Ginza area, about a 10 minute walk from Tokyo station. Somewhere close would be nice, but we are open to taking public transportation to somewhere interesting.

Not looking for anything Michelin rated, just want some decent Tapas that are mostly Spanish inspired at a reasonable price.

It is my first time in Japan but I have lots of maps and my fiancee is Japanese so language won't be an issue. She will search for some restaurants, but I trust opinions of food on here more.

Thanks in advance,

so far I have turned up

Tio Tio
Tio Danjo
El Chateo

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  1. I've been to Tio Danjo a couple of times. It's a standing joint. I liked it, but it's more of a pre-meal spot or ni-jikai/san-jikai type of spot. Tio Tio looks similar. Chateo looks more like a restaurant. Robb's probably been to all three if you came across those in English on the web... I have a good friend in Tokyo who is in the midst of his own Spanish "boom", so I will ask his take as well.

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      Indeed Tio Danjo's great as one stop in an Ebisu evening. Chateo is a very acceptable choice if you're in Ginza and are looking for a comfortable Spanish option, but I maybe wouldn't choose it as one of my limited number of dinners in Tokyo, versus better choices a short cab ride away....

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        Yeah, my friend came back with Tio Danjo and also in Ebisu, Baru Ebisu. He works in Shibuya, so Ebisu is his playground... Know anything about Baru? Looks like a fun spot.

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          No, but it sounds good! This is how we learn....

        2. re: Robb S

          Doesn't Tio Danjo have a place on the second floor for sit-down meals? At least that's what a friend told me.

          1. re: filmnoirfan

            Oh, you're right. I haven't been since they switched from being a Mexican restaurant a few years ago.

        1. Since you didn't specify a budget, I'll suggest Sant Pau in Nihonbashi, easy walking distance from Tokyo station and wonderful modern Spanish cuisine for under Y40,000pp as long as your tastes in wine are reasonable.

          Oh wait, you said "reasonable budget" - in that case La Cuchara in Kagurazaka is a very nice spot for a date, and within taxi distance.

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            Well, it all depends on the definition of reasonable! I think Sant Pau is vastly underrated, and one of the finest restaurants I've been to anywhere. So probably worth the 20,000 yen per person...

          2. How about Las Tres Ramas?
            It's in Hiroo. But it worth to take a train.
            Las Tres Ramas is a bar, but not a standing style.
            Every tapas are very tasty.

            Las Tres Ramas

            Sorry, it's Japanese.
            Please ask your fiancee to check the page.

            I recommend you to make a reservation.

            1. I heartily recommend Baru Enrique in Naka-Meguro for a cool, casual Tapas experience. They serve great food and have a good selection of wines by the glass.

              I've made repeat visits to Mine Baru, near Shinsen station (or 10 mins walk from Shibuya Stn), and never been disappointed. Great food and wine, knowledgable service and a stylish vibe. Well worth seeking out.