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Single Origin Coffee Beans in Toronto

In town for a couple weeks and looking to bring some coffee back with me. Where can I get the best single origin beans in Toronto? Bonus points for downtown, and even more bonus points for something from Nicaragua. Roasted on site would be ideal. Not sure if this exists in Toronto, been away a few years now.

Thanks so much in advance.

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  1. Bathurst and Bloor the south east corner. The names escaping me right now but they have lots of beans sorted by origin. They're green but I believe they will roast them on site. They also have coffee roasters if you want to splurge and do it yourself!

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      Ah yes I forgot about that place, I will try there and see how it is, I think it is Green beanery or Green Bean cafe or something.

      I have to travel back to Japan after a couple weeks and have no room in my luggage for a roaster nor in my apartment! But I am on the lookout for an Aeropress, if they have that at a good price I will buy one of them.


      Any other suggestions appreciated

    2. Coffee Tree in Bloor West Village roasts on site and they have 14 varieties of single origin beans according to their website - none from Nicaragua though. www.coffeetree.ca

      1. My fave for a wide selection, roasting on site, staff with an intimate knowledge of their wares, and high quality beans is now what it's always been: The Everyday Gourmet in the St Lawrence Market. Whenever I've been silly enough to ask what's been roasted that morning, I'm bombarded with a list so long it has me backing away slowly so maybe I can get something else done with my day.

        1. Ezra's Pound at Dupont and Spadina. IMHO it's the best coffee in the city. He has beans from Nicaragua and that stuff is goooood.

          1. One more thing - if you decide to go to Ezra's check ahead and see if he has the Nicaraguan - he can't always get the beans (the growing season is a bit volatile there apparently).

            1. Ended going up to Ezra's pound and got the Nicaraguan beans I was looking for. Unfortunately I was not so impressed by the cafe and am equally not as impressed with the beans. The roast has an odd smell and an odd aftertaste and are strangely far too shiny. Not sure if it was just an odd roast or if thats what they are after, not for my taste at any rate.

              Thanks though, seemed like I should have liked it, may have been an unorganized off day!

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                I bought Nicaragua Single Estate High Grown at www.greenbeanery.ca last year and have used it to blend with harsher beans from Brazil or Colombia. It is also good on its own, rich and chocolaty, and roasts easily to a non shiny city+, or they will do it for you. If you are still here, call them, as they need a day to prepare the roast. They have Aeropress, too. The Nicaragua SHG green 20 lb package cost just $65, but roasted lbs are around $14.

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                  slightly off topic, but greenbeanery is where i got my aeropress last year. it produces a pretty smooth brew, but imho, not as rich and flavourful as french press. the beauty of the aeropress is how easy it is to clean, and how portable it is (provided you have the paper disc filters).

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                  That's too bad about Ezra's! I really like the coffees there myself and haven't noticed the aftertaste. Hopefully you have better luck with the other suggestions.

                3. Moonbeam in Kensington Market regularly has single estate beans from various sources. They roast regularly and combined with high turnover, the beans are always fresh.

                  Last week they had one from Brazil. It was so smooth and velvety. On my humble home espresso machine it produced such an amazing crema.

                  The moustachioed owner is a really nice guy. I'm sure if you have something specific he can try to get it in.

                  1. Check out http://www.birdsandbeans.ca/4DAction/...

                    They may have what you are looking for. They will deliver as well.

                    1. I'd check out the Merchants of Green just east of the Don Valley Parkway on Queen Street (http://www.merchantsofgreencoffee.com/) as well as Moonbean coffee in Kensington Market. It might also be worth investigating Pilot Coffee Roasters, formerly known as Te Aro, which distributes beans around many indie cafes in Toronto (http://www.pilotcoffeeroasters.com/)