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Jan 17, 2013 06:24 AM

two great restaurants in mission hills/hillcrest

I decided to compare two great restaurants and check out their lunch menu -- Cafe Bleu on Washington St and around the corner on Goldfinch, Brooklyn Girl.

I thought the food at Cafe Bleu was better but the service and ambience at Brooklyn Girl was better.

Anyone have other thoughts?

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  1. significant discussion on Brooklyn Girl if you use the search function.

    Summary - had potential but fell flat on its face

    1. thanks karaethon! i will check the search function.

      i will also see if anyone has commented on cafe bleu.

      these two restaurants are close to each other and seem very much alike in their food menus - but cafe bleu's food is better. however like i said earlier their decor is what makes people favor brooklyn girl (most likely)!!

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      1. re: auntagatha

        I barely noticed their decor. At night that space is buzzing with all the people. I think the designers thought more of the decor and little about the noise baffling. I dislike loud spaces, I (typically) want to hear my companions...

        And the food overall was meh. I briefly reviewed it here so that has more detail should you wish it, but to summarize: meh.

      2. Brooklyn Girl is overpriced and unless you live in the immediate area, there's really no reason to go there.

        1. Maybe be the food at Cafe Bleu has improved. We gave it three tries in the months following its opening. I remember much of the food being truly awful. We haven't been back. Should we try it again? Has anyone else been having good meals there?

          1. I have had wonderful food at Cafe Bleu. Love their french onion soup and cheese plate. Hope to compare it to Brooklyn Girl soon.