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Jan 17, 2013 06:12 AM

The best of the best.....

Spending a weekend in MTL soon.

Definitely on our list is a dinner at LeFilet. We loved it last year and can't wait to return.

I'm looking for suggestions for the 2nd night which will be a Sunday. Price is not an issue and although we're staying in Old Montreal, we're willing to travel for a good meal.

We've done Joe Beef, Europa, Toque and Au pied doesn't really interest me.

What's hot right now and not to be missed?


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  1. Unfortunately some of the best are closed on sunday. But here are some that are not:

    - Le Comptoir
    - Laloux
    - La salle à manger
    - Pastaga
    - Damas
    - Hôtel Herman

    1. Milos
      La Chronique

      None of these suggestions are hot right now, but I thought I'd include them, since I've been to Milos, Ferreira Cafe and Lemeac several times, and I have been wanting to try La Chronique for a while.

      I've enjoyed Milos and Ferreira Cafe on Sunday nights. I especially like the grilled octopus and fried zucchini and eggplant at Milos. I prefer the grilled fin fish at Ferreira to the grilled fin fish at Milos. Ferreira also serves the best custard tarts I've found outside of Portugal, served warm.

      1. Not necessarily "hot", but new and recommended, is Maison Boulud.

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          Thank you. I will do some research on these and make my decision.

        2. Not sure if they are open Sundays, but I've enjoyed very good Italian at Hostaria, which is realtively new.

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              Looks good but looking for something a little more upscale. Thanks gomos