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Jan 16, 2013 10:16 PM

Best Part of Town for Foodies

Hey yall! I'll be in Atlanta for the first weekend in Feb to see a show at The Tabernacle. We'll probably hit the aquarium & High Museum and then check out the farmer's market, as well. So since we'll be running all over town, I'm thinking of booking a hotel based on great dining choices? I was going to stay near the Tabernacle, but it's been clearly stated on here that downtown doesn't have the best dining choices. We'd be looking for interesting ethnic, esp your great Szechaun choices or any interesting / upscale places.

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  1. Great ethnic can be found along Buford Hwy, don't know about staying there. Other good food areas are Decatur, Midtown and Buckhead.

    1. the best szechuan is at Gu's Bistro on buford hihway--there are many thnic spots along Buford highway in Chamblee..Canton House and the Pearl are also nearby. McKendricks steak house, La Grotta and Petite Maison are in the area as well. If your looking fr lots of real upscale spots midtown id probably your best bet. But Id consider staying in the Perimtere mall area--hotels are cheaper and lots of them (major buisness locations). If youre driving you can be in midown in 15 minutes off busy hour--or you can take MARTA as far as spots midtwon Bistro Niko, Aria, Priccis,Empire state south are some of my favs.I think McKendricks is the best steak house in town

      1. Based on what's playing at the Tabernacle in Feb. (and making assumptions on your age/interests from that), I'd suggest you stay in Decatur. Decatur has some great food and a hip, fun vibe for dining, shopping, going out, etc. You could still drive to the Aquarium, Tabernacle, etc. and even Gu's Bistro (which is regularly raved about on this board but I've never tried) in 30-mins or less.