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Jan 16, 2013 06:55 PM

Rehearsal Dinner Ideas - Armadillo Palace Booked!

I'm getting married in October - so far away, right? I have a vision for our rehearsal dinner where it will be somewhere fun and casual that can turn into a bar night as more out of town guests arrive in town. Oh, and feed around 75 at least? We have tons of out of town guests, so Armadillo Palace seemed like it would fit the bill perfectly.

Quelle tragique. Chowhounds! Help me out! Fiancee's family is from out of town, so I'd like to do it at a restaurant to make life easier for them! We're probably feeding anywhere from 75 to 100 but the key is that I want for the "afterparty" to be in the same place if possible. I hate going to weddings and meeting up at a bar waiting for the bridal party to arrive. It's sometimes awkward! It's like you aren't on the A-team.

Hopefully what I'm explaining makes sense. Either way would love to know ideas. OH! And it needs to be close to the Galleria/museum district/heights/montrose areas.

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