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Jan 16, 2013 06:29 PM

Restaurant Folks Visiting from Brooklyn

In Boston for several nights next week. Have lots of suggestions from colleagues but welcome more. What are some unique, memorable options in the city? Budget not an issue but nothing formal.

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  1. How about the Salty Pig, it's always fun.

    1. if budget isn't an issue, O Ya is unique and memorable and would be interesting for restaurant folks though at a price premium. Brooklyn is strong is so many things. Portuguese/ Brazilian might be a relative strength for us and Muqueca in Inman Square would be interesting and more budget.

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      1. re: gourmaniac

        That said, even if budge isn't an issue, you really might expect to (rightly?) get an earful of comparisons about o ya's price point, which, for the grand omakase, is 60 bucks more expensive than Brooklyn's own 3-michelin star restaurant the chef's table at brooklyn fare (indeed, even just the 17 course omakase is on par with Eleven Madison Park's pricing). That said, regarding food quality itself, I do think anyone would find o ya impressive.

      2. Not sure who "restaurant folks" are, but consider some of the more less-fancy options to mix things up a bit...

        Speed's Dog (if you can find it)
        Strip T's
        Rincon Limeno
        Mei Mei FT (for the double awesome)

        1. What are the suggestions you've received "from colleagues"?

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          1. re: Alcachofa

            while we grouse a lot about the lack of seafood perfection here, my NY friends are always thrilled by our seafood options: Island Creek and Neptune are favorites. Though NY is supposedly full of good neighborhood bistros, they love Eastern Standard, Strip T's, East Coast Grill (though I haven't been since the ownership change) and Shanghai Gate. We often take them for lunch at Court House: they love picking out their fish or lobster at the fish store and having it cooked next store.

            1. re: teezeetoo

              i have friends who come from New York who like our seafood;

              I like the 1.00 oysters that can be had at various places. East Coast Grille, Island Creek and Neptune might fill the fill.

              Brooklyn has excellent pizza; i would skip that; I love our Chinese food but again, that is done as well in NYC though I could recommend Golden Garden as I do not know a place in Manhattan that serves that cuisine, from the northwest of Pekin; I call it the Alsace of China.

              The Indian restaurant Tamarind Bay is as good as anything that i have tried in NYC.

              And, O Ya and Uni Bar give you a great sashimi experience at a price though coming from NYC; I doubt that there will be sticker shock.

            2. re: Alcachofa

              Thanks for all the advice. Alcachofa, Neptune came up. Salty Pig. Cutty's. Stella all came up.

            3. I'd definitely hit up Drink, in terms of unique/memorable, or possibly hawthorne. yume wo katare, with its jiro ramen, would also probably be appreciated if you don't mind the line. Personally, i have not been to Casa B, but as a more caribbean oriented tapas place, it might be of interest. Backbar, nearby, almost certainly wouldn't be unique to someone from brooklyn, but if i were stereotyping, i'd guess they might feel a bit at home and enjoy the place.