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Where do you get your great non-chain burritos

I'm a Boloco gal myself, but I'd like to start enjoying to-go burritos from non-chains. I also really like Olecito, though I don't get out that way enough, and I've had tasty burritos at Taqueria el Amigo in Waltham. Where do YOU get your 'rito fix?

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  1. A few for you to try- Herreras, Viva Burrito, Pedro's Taco

    1. El Pelon in the Fenway or up by BC on Comm. Ave. Huge, cheap and full of flavor -- unlike Anna's, et al.

      1. Within the next 2 weeks or so go to Villa Mexico, before they close.

        1. +1 for Villa Mexico at Grampy's gas station...although I had no idea they were closing!!!

          1. It used to be Tacos Lupita, but I honestly have not been back since it became Aguacate.

            Has anyone been to Aguacate lately? From the initial reviews here, I thought it would be gone within a few months, but it lives on, so perhaps it has improved?

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              "lately", no but certainly more recently than the switch over. I moved into the area last year and hit it up a couple of times hoping for a return to Lupita glory but no such luck.

            2. Carnitas burrito from Taqueria el Amigo - this is my goto when I do takeout, otherwise I get it in the taco format with a side of beans

              Barbacoa lamb burrito from Taqueria Mexico - this and their pastor are their best meat fillings imo. Best refried beans in town too.

              Pastor burrito from Paisanos also in Waltham - a little pricier than other waltham mexican joints, but the pastor is so worth it. I usually eat in at the bar and get the wet burrito or the pastor enchiladas. Awesome margaritas too.

              Pulled pork burrito from Blue Ribbon.

              1. I have occasional cravings for Felipe's Taqueria in Harvard Sq.

                1. Bizarrely, the burrito truck in Back Bay station is quite good. Nothing unusual or groundbreaking, but good.

                  1. el mariachi in Easton near Stonehill College. 138 south on the left after the college.

                    1. Tenoch Mexican Taqueria in Medford has a fine