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Jan 16, 2013 05:14 PM

Question about 1989 Port

I received a gift for my birthday that has intrigued me. It is a "Quinta Dos Azerados Vinho do Porto, Novidade de 1989," produced by Manuel Pinto Vilela of Alto Douro. I cannot find anything about it on line. It was obviously not purchased in this country (U.S.) as there are no additional stamps, pregnancy warning labels or bar codes. Does anyone know about this 24-year -old port and where I might find additional information?

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  1. Every once in a while, someone asks a question that stumps me . . . I am not familiar with this quinta. In and of itself, that doesn't mean much -- there are so many quintas in the Douro -- but my "usual sources" (i.e.: reference books and online) have failed me, as well.

    Now, having said that, I did find the following information:

    Manuel Pinto Vilela
    R. Luz 3 - Cheires
    5070 Ribalonga
    Tel. (351) 259686263

    Cheires is a small -- well, village, really -- in between Sabrosa and Alijó, on N322.

    I'd contact Roy Hersh c/o "For the Love of Port." He might know.

    1. I collect Ports, and have had the pleasure to enjoy many (most?), but like Jason, this is a new house to me.

      1989 was not a universal Vintage, but that many houses do declare Vintages, where some others do not. There is nothing wrong with that. Often, the declaration of a Vintage is based on many aspects, beyond the grapes.

      Also, some Port houses will declare a Vintage, though maybe only for their Quinta, in the case of a Single Quinta Port.

      In addition, so as to confuse everyone, some houses will declare a Vintage, where all others do not. Sometimes, like 1985, most houses DID declare a Vintage. OTOH, the 1977 Taylor, in a year, where many did NOT declare a Vintage, was very good to great. I am sure now, that many, who DID declare 1985 as a Vintage, would gladly have traded that, for their 1977.

      Wish that I could help with your particular Port, but other than to comment that 1989 was "minor Vintage" (remember 1977), I cannot.

      Please report, so that we Port-o-phyles can learn something.

      Good luck, and enjoy,


      1. Zin and Hunt,
        Many thanks for your feedback. It sounds like I have a bottle from a small, boutique house. In any event, Hunt's comments on optional vintage declaration certainly show up the differences between French and Portuguese wine and spirit laws.