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Jan 16, 2013 04:58 PM


Best eats in Albuq? Returning for a weekend visit...No Thai/Oriental rec's please...we get good stuff at home. Would like to hit at least one fine dining place if it's worth the $$.

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  1. On the whole, the fine dining in Albuquerque is not that great. Seasons and Savoy, both owned by the same restaurant group, are probably the finer dining places that are most consistent, but you can find similar and often better versions of these restaurants in most cities. Right now, I think the best places for a more upscale (but not really fine dining) dinner in the Abq metro area are probably Farm & Table in the North Valley and Indigo Crow in Corrales. Zacatecas, in the University area, which serves fancyish tacos, is good, too. We also just got a branch of the popular Santa Fe restaurant, Vinaigrette. They serve creative, sort of expensive, organic, meal-sized salads.!dinne...

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      Thanks...Farm & Table and Zacatecas were on the short list...have been to the Compound in SF so was interested in what Kiffen was doing with the tacos. I've read mixed reviews of Seasons and Savoy and also F&T for that matter. I was a little interested in the Chama River Brewing since the menu looked a little more interesting than typical brew spots. Like to mix 'hole-in-the-wall' places with nicer spots on trips.

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        I think Chama River Brewing's menu looks better than the food is. The food is just so-so -- sort of like TGI Friday's with a Southwestern twist. I hear they have a good beer selection, though.

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          I second the comments on Chama River. If you want good brewpub atmosphere with some decent grub try Il Vicino (the Canteen, not the restaurants) or Marble Brewery (check the web site to see which food trucks will be serving).

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        You have our favorites - farm and table, Zacatecas, indigo crow. Blades Bistro up in Placitas is very good for someplace a bit removed from ABQ proper. I wouldn't do vinaigrette for dinner, lunch is ok.

        I would add Artichoke Cafe on Central for a high end experience with food to match and Farina's across the way for pizza, better than il Vicino.

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          We did Zacatecas one night and really enjoyed it. Food, music, service all good. Would def go back there. I had read some good reviews about Torinos for Italian and it was very good as well. They have apparently just changed their menu. Good service and music there as well. Our favorite 'dive' , Cecilias (downtown) was great as usual and we tried a new 'dive' Ray's which was also tasty but not as spicy as I like my chili. The restaurant at Pueblo Cultural Center was very good for breakfast/brunch and was packed so I guess it's popular. Went to Marble for beer and liked it so much we brought a bunch home with us ! Thanks for all of the hints ! We will try some of the other suggestions on our next trip !