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Jan 16, 2013 04:54 PM

Restaurant Week 2013 for vegetarians?

What are your suggestions for this year's Restaurant Week if I'm a vegetarian? I did see a few things here and there--mac and cheese and greens at Red Rooster, for example, but am curious if anyone has any other ideas. Thanks!

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  1. Craftbar: pecorino fonduta, eggplant and goat cheese pannino, buttermilk panna cotta

    Hakkasan: green salad with asparagus with ginger lemongrass dressing, Four style vegetable stir-fry in sweet Szechuan sauce. macaroons.

    1. I've got a reservation for lunch at Locanda Verde in Tribeca with a friend. Unlike many other restaurants, they haven't loaded their special RW menus with shellfish and meat sauces.

      Re pannacotta --- it's rarely strictly vegetarian as generally made with gelatin.

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        Thanks, I completely forgot about the gelatin in there.

      2. Thanks, I actually checked out Craftbar and Locanda Verde. The LV menu sounds good but we wouldn't be able to get anything for the 3rd course, unfortunately, since 2 out of the 4 of us don't eat fish. We'd have to see if they'd let us choose two from one of the other courses, I guess. But that menu does look good. Thanks for the advice!