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Jan 16, 2013 04:42 PM

New Orleans special menu at Brian's

Brian's in Lambertville is doing a special menu featuring New Orleans cuisine on Jan. 21.

Anyone familiar enough with the place and/or chef to comment on whether this would be worth going to (ie, anything they serve will be delicious versus stick with their normal menu offerings)?

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  1. Brian is a phenomenal chef. He used to run a place in Newtown Rouget. Biggest downside is the space. Its very small and cramped. His food is very good. Not especially known for new orleans style cuisine.

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      Thanks, cwdonald. By the time we found out about Rouget, they were about to close so we never got to try it. We've been to Brian's once and like you said, the food was very good. We made a reservation for the NOLA event--fingers crossed!