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Dinner Recommendations Near South Station for Boss and I

Hi we're arriving tomorrow evening around 6 and I needed a nice place to have dinner before we get in a cab to Bedford. Any recommendations? I'm hoping for someplace like a Balthazar? I would just love a nice piece of fish.
Thank you!

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  1. There is nothing remotely like Balthazar in Boston, sorry.

    There are a lot of options if you're willing to walk or T it.

    Is fish a deal breaker ?

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      Hey Hamster,
      Thanks for responding and point taken about Balthazar. I am open to other suggestions but fish is kinda up there, I'm pescetarian...

      1. re: chrispra

        chinatown is a stone's throw and you can get excellent fish at east ocean city or peach farm.

    2. not balthazar, lol, but les zygomates does respectable bistro food and is a short walk from south station.

      1. Trade is a solid option

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            they still do the raw bar at Les Zyg?

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              3rd for Les Zygs. This place is totally underrated in my opinion

            2. Another fine restaurant that you might want to consider is Radius (http://www.radiusrestaurant.com/). It's a short walk from South Station, probably the closest place for high-end dining.

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                Thank you all for your suggestions. We're going to discuss which option to go with and I'll report back on the experience.

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                  and is not re-signing its lease. radius went south long ago.

                  1. 10 minutes walk from South Station is Pasta Beach, big hit with the Italian expat community in Boston. Good pizzas and pastas, I have had their spaghetti with seafood before, very good. It's at the ground floor of the Boston Harbor Hotel.