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What's you favorite way to use blood oranges?

So I picked up a bunch of blood oranges last weekend and after making many blood orange old fashioneds I still have about 6 blood oranges leftover. Any ideas on how to use them? So far I'm thinking in a fennel or beet salad or perhaps a blood orange cake or tart, but I've got no recipes yet. Any favorites out there?

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  1. reduce the juice with a little Grand Marnier and perhaps a little ancho chile powder, and mount with butter.
    Serve over grilled fish.

    Blood Orange Margaritas - also good.

    1. Make blood orange curd.
      Take spoon.
      Eat curd.


      I love blood oranges SO much. Last time I used some in cocktails - blood orange juice, X-Rated liqueur, citrus vodka. Yum.

      1. I adore blood oranges. Some good ways to go...



        It also makes a fabulous panna cotta, or a wonderful compote that you can use as a topping for cheesecake or a chocolate cake or tart.

          1. Simple Blood Orange Salad....

            Your favorite greens, sliced red onion and blood orange slices or segments.

            Olive Oil and vinegar.

            1. Peeled and sliced across in 1/2 - 3/4 in. slices. Three overlapping slices per salad plate. Scatter with slivers of the freshest garlic you can find, 10-15 slivers per plate. Drizzle with the absolutely best olive oil you can afford; new crop is best, and it's offering coincides with blood orange season.

              That's it. Simple dish (Sicilian?) that demands the best products. Amazingly good.

              1. Blood orange marmalade
                Add them to a beet salad
                Blood orange upside down cake

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                  I too love to make blood orange marmalade. They are also fantastic in semifreddo or sorbet.

                2. I wanted to make this simple but very cute Blood Orange Tart the other day. But here in Connecticut I couldn't find any blood oranges.


                    1. Juiced it makes a flavorful salad dressing, added to icing sugar to create a citrus drizzle over scones or juiced and frozen as ice cubes for Sangria

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                        Juiced it makes a flavorful......


                        vodka Drink

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                            I was going to say a blood orange mimosa! Delish

                        1. the blood and sand, i dont know if blood oranges are traditionally used, but i bet it would be great.
                          equal parts scotch, cherry brandy, sweet vermouth, and blood orange juice. i like it with double the scotch.

                          1. Depends on the type. The widely-available Moro is more acidic and less sweet than the harder-to-find Tarocco, which is superb all on its own. I like to slice a peeled blood orange thinly, crosswise. If it needs to be sweeter, macerate briefly with a little sugar or honey or agave nectar. Arrange slices in a ring on a dessert plate. In the center, put a scoop of vanilla ice cream, orange sherbet, or sweetened mascarpone cheese or Greek yogurt. Drizzle with pomegranate syrup. This is a pretty, refreshing, easy dessert, especially nice for brunch or at the end of a heavier meal.