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Jan 16, 2013 03:35 PM

Happy Hours at Asian restaurants in West LA?

Hi Chowhounds,

Last week, I found myself on Sawtelle with my two kids at 6pm looking for a tasty place to eat. We wound up at Robata-ya, and what really surprised me was that they had a "happy hour" menu. Halleleujah! I didn't realize Asian restaurants did happy hours (maybe just this one).

And that's why I'm writing - please let me know of any other Asian happy hours you know of in the West LA area.

BTW, it was a short menu - skewered livers, skin, cartilage, california roll, crispy tofu and some beer. But the prices were great and we had a really great meal.

Thanks so much for sharing!

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  1. I believe Bao Dim Sum does a good happy hour

    1. Brentwood - Katsu Ya
      Santa Monica - Sushi Roku, the Charleston (asian fusion)

      1. I believe Sawtelle Kitchen also has Happy Hour specials, but I've never been....

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          I dont think Sawtelle Kitchen has a full bar and its not really Asian is it?

          1. re: Thor123

            The restaurant website isn't functioning, but I vaguely recall a friend describing it as Japanese fusion (like a more upscale version of the the now defunct Blue Marlin). I just took a quick glance at the Yelp reviews and saw mentions of katsu, hamburger steak, and mentaiko pasta (not necessarily on the Happy Hour menu). These items are at least as Asian as a california roll, IMHO.

            Didn't know if a full bar was needed, esp since the OP had mentioned taking her kids w/ her during the last outing (and since I don't really drink myself and thus don't pay attention to the bar)....

        2. Chan Dara has one.

          In Santa Monica, there is:
          sushi Roku
          Buddhas Belly

          In Venice, Chaya Venice.

          Have not been to any of them, so I cannot vouch for quality of food or drinks.