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Jan 16, 2013 03:08 PM

Bloor West Village restaurants

Me and my family just moved to Bloor West Village and I am wanting some recommendations for high and low cost restaurants. And if someone wanted to chime in with great food delivery recs that would be awesome to! I am a total new comer so I really don't know where to go. We love most kinds of food, Thai, Ukrainian, Sushi, Italian, Mexican, we aren't picky with type, we just want delicious!
Thanks everyone!

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  1. there are a few threads hanging around about Bloor West and the Junction, here's one

    for delivery I always like Silk (on Dundas) for Thai.

    1. BWV is slowly progressing with food options, some options off the top of my head ....

      Cheap & Fast: Ali Baba, Mamma's Pizza, McD
      Burgers, Works Burgers, Yellow Griffin, Grillway, Jumbo Burgers
      Pizza take out: Vesuvius, Buddha Pie, FBI, Pizza Flora, Mamma's Pizza
      Asian/take out: Westwood Grill, Wok Terminal, Thai & Sushi, Thai Delite
      Cafe/Coffee: Coffee Tree

      Nearby areas to explore: Junction/Dundas West/Annette, Roncesvalles,

      1. In my opinion BWV is one of the worst food destinations in the city. The only place that's actually good is earth bloor west, and i believe that building will be torn down in the next year to make way for condos. Also, falafel world is actually awesome so you want to go there. But apart from that good luck. The rest of the mentions kinda suck but to each their own. Luckily there are good places in nearby hoods such as Roncy and the Junction.
        In the Junction as mentioned is Vesuvios for pizza which is my fave anywhere around here and as well a newer Mexican place called Playa Cabana Cantina which is really good. Roncy has the Ace and Barque. I believe a queen marguerita pizza is due in the Juntion soon as well.

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        1. re: dannyboy

          Gotta second the opinion on Falafel World; it used to be pretty good but the past few visits have been disappointing.

          Re Earth - they've been talking about tearing that building down since it was The Fan (it had one other resto between being the bar and Earth).

          1. re: dannyboy

            Queen Margarita Pizza is going into an old bank on the corner of Jane and Annette; not near opening yet from my drive-by last week.
            Bryden's on Bloor West at Jane has good food and great beer, as does 3030 in the Junction (3030 Dundas West), and Indie Alehouse in the Junction as well.

            1. re: burningrome

              I drove by today and i think Bryden's is now Henry the VIII?
              they had good beers on tap though, hadn't been to Henry's other pub in Kingsway so can't comment. 3030's food is decent and cheap but sometimes when bands are playing it's stupid loud. Alehouse is good for beer but i think their food is overpriced, as is the beer, as well the staff are kinda on the slow side, at least a few i've had anyway...

              1. re: dannyboy

                Nope, Henry and Bryden's are a few doors apart in the same block.

          2. Another Hound, Dean Tudor, writes regularly about the theme nights at Bloom. Probably worth a visit.

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            1. re: Googs

              Did I hear my name?

              BLOOM RESTAURANT

              2315 Bloor St. West, Toronto, On - Tel: 416.767.1315

              January 2nd to January 25th


              SOPA DE SETAS Y AJO
              Mushroom & Garlic Soup

              Cheese Turnover & Onion Marmalade



              (Chilean Seafood Stew)
              Conger Eel, Shrimp, Calamari, Mussels, Clams,
              Green Sweet Paper, Potato

              PASTEL DE CHOCLO
              Roasted Chicken Casserole, Raisins, Hard Boiled Egg,
              Black Olives, Basil Cumin, Onions, Caramelized Corn Crust



              Daily Chef Specials

              1. re: obstructionist

                Hi obstructionist I haven't had a chance to try Good Fork yet. What do you recommend there?

                1. re: principessa del pisello

                  So far I have only had the (excellent) burger and the daily soup (which was lentil when I tried it). But I dined with people who really enjoyed their salads. :)

                  1. re: obstructionist

                    Good to know and I will try it soon. I tried Works Burger last week and was disappointed. The meat was too dry, but the fries were good.

                2. re: obstructionist

                  I just had dinner here tonight and enjoyed it more than their brunch. For brunch I had basic bacon/eggs etc and it was okay but pricey (imo), My companion had a grilled cheese and spinach sandwich which was a bit heavy on the spinach. Their smoothies are very good.

                  Now, for dinner. I had the mac n cheese with ham which was excellent - large portion and very rich. I had it with a side of sweet potato fries (carb overload, I would suggest the side salad instead). My husband had muscles with coconut sauce (his with fries) and really enjoyed it. My daughter had a burger and sweet potato fries from the kids' menu. Drinks, some Canadian merlot (Sibling Rivalry? was okay) and bacon infused Caesar (yummy).

                  1. re: obstructionist

                    Has anyone had supper recently at The Good Fork? What are the standouts on the menu? Going this weekend...

                    1. re: Food Tourist

                      Good Fork has really good food and great value for money. For $10 for 4 items, for example, you can eat enough "mezze" to be full by the end of appetizers. Interesting well-executed snacks like chorizo pogo sticks, shrimp cakes, pork pate, devils on horseback, among other choices. Wow. Followed up by stellar mains, with plenty of texture and flavour, such as jerk cornish hen with salsify and corn on the cob for only $20. Add a VQA wine and you don't even need dessert (which they had run out of anyway.) Average service, casual atmosphere, but wow, the food and prices would draw me back again.

                        1. re: Food Tourist

                          I went for lunch on a weekend and was underwhelmed. While their breakfast/brunch items at least looked delicious from a few tables over, my veggie burger was crusty (almost burnt) on the outside and a very bland mush on the inside (no seasoning). It also took them a wopping 15 minutes to approach us after we were seated. It looks like their breakfast/brunch menu has changed as well. Previously we'd really enjoyed a dinner so maybe the veggie burger is just a lone dud.

                          1. re: Food Tourist

                            We enjoyed a decent meal last night despite a ho-hum dining room experience. Brussels sprouts with bbq sauce arrived smothered in a feather-light coleslaw/cheese blanket. Definitely a weird treatment of traditional crispy brussels sprouts. Kale caesar salad was a tad better, though crispy chicken skin didn't feature prominently. Sea bream was pronounced acceptable. Much better was the daily special mushroom duxelle stuffed rabbit saddle wrapped in speck. Daily special pineapple upside down cake made a happy ending.