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Jan 16, 2013 02:55 PM

Little Star pizza to replace Milano's on Grand [Oakland]

Per Grubstake:

"...Little Star Pizza owner John Guhl laying claim to a spot with a full liquor license on Oakland's Grand Avenue. It's the space currently occupied by Milano Ristorante at 3425 Grand, so that restaurant looks not long for this world. We should note that the DBA this time is The Star, perhaps because a full bar will be involved, but it's not clear that that will be the name of the new restaurant. Guhl currently owns three Little Star locations with partner Brian Sadigursky. They opened their first on what was then a very quiet stretch of Divisadero in 2004, opening a second a two years later at Mission and 15th, and later expanding to Albany.

The mini-chain specializes in deep-dish, Chicago-style pizza as well as thin crust, both with cornmeal-based crusts that set them apart from other Bay Area deep-dish operations (Zachary's, Patxi's). Many pizza fiends (ourselves included) rank them high among Bay Area pizza spots."

We have never tried their Albany location. This location will be a lot closer to us. Has anyone tried the Albany place, and if so, what did you think of it?

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  1. I like the Albany branch, food seems the same as at the other two. Kicks Zachary's to the curb.

    Sadigursky started in the East Bay as Little Chicago, delivery only working out of West Coast Pizza in Berkeley.

    1. Little Star Albany is excellent, worth the trip up 880 from the Grand Ave area.

      I'll be enjoying their pizza (which does indeed kick Zachary's to the curb without breaking a sweat) much more often on Grand- opens up the takeout option for me.

      Thanks for sharing the news.

      1. I've ordered the classic at the Albany location about five times and it's been inconsistent. For example, in November, I had one of the best pizzas in my life there. A month later it was mediocre. They do "deep dish" style.

        Whereas Little Star is different that what you'll get in Chicago, it's competitive in awesomeness. Zachary's, which is "stuffed crust" Chicago Style, is just inferior to anything I've had in Chicago. That said, last week I had the best I've had there in about a decade. We ordered the small. Not sure if that's what made the difference, but it was nice to have something I didn't completely dislike for a change.

        1. I am looking forward to this but have never been to any of the other locations. That location comes with a wood-fired oven along with the liquor license so I am kind of wondering what will become of it--I hope they keep it. Now that I am thinking about it a deep dish cooked that way sounds pretty good.

          Never really enjoyed Milano's pasta offerings and the like, but their burger cooked in that oven and served on baguette was one of my favorites. Very smoky flavor, always a good lunch treat. I have missed it.

          1. The Chron reports that the Oakland location will just be called "The Star." Apparently, Guhl and Sadigursky are expanding their own separate ways, with Sadigursky focused on the Peninsula and Guhl doing his own thing.