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Jan 16, 2013 02:43 PM

Breakfast in central CT.

Does anyone know of a good breakfast place in central CT especially the Avon area?

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  1. Harvest Cafe in Simsbury, very busy on weekends

    1. For sandwiches to go, Bagel Chalet on 44 is great. It's in the same plaza as Fabiola's, across from Deepwater Lobster and New England Pasta Company.

      To sit down and eat, the only game in town is Dish N Dat, just across from Feng in the shops at Farmington Valley or whatever it's called.

      1. I second the Harvest in Simsbury however it gets really busy and you may find yourself freezing in a little huddle outside.

        If you like bagels, I adore Lox, Stock and Bagel in West Hartford but it's definitely more of a bagel joint without a waitress and a sit down feel.

        1. I went to Harvest and there was a line out the door. I probably should've waited but we left. Will definitely try it again. Never tried Dish N Dat nor the bagel Bagel Chalet. Seems like there's black hole for breakfast places in the Avon area so I will give all of these a try. Thank you all!.

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            That's exactly how I phrased it a few years back, when I worked in Avon.